Woman cannot live by cookies alone.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!!  

I hope you guys have just the loveliest Thanksgiving with family and friends.  And pie.  Lots of pie.
the vintage pearl golden eternity heart necklace, plus giveaway!
Here's a little treat for you. {Psst...it's JEWELRY!
It's a little treat to hold you over until the shopping starts on FRIDAY.  Do you hear me Macy's?  Target?  FRIDAY.

the vintage pearl gold jewelry
Anyhoo...I just love stamped and personalized jewelry.  I was so so thrilled to find that The Vintage Pearl offers beautiful hand-stamped jewelry in gold tone!!!  YAY!!!  I think gold looks better on my skin, so I was ecstatic to see their pieces.

This is my new favorite piece:  it's the Golden Eternity Heart necklace.
vintage pearl instagram photo vintagepearlinstagram.jpg
You can have it stamped with names, or a favorite quote.  I chose this quote from George Bernard Shaw,

"A happy family is but an earlier heaven."  

I love it.  It's perfect...just big enough, but still delicate

  the vintage pearl golden eternity heart necklace, plus giveaway!

We're having a Vintage Pearl giveaway! 

The Vintage Pearl is offering TWO $50 gift certificates to you guys!  Yay!

To enter, go visit The Vintage Pearl, come back and leave a comment here telling me one of the items you love.

For an extra entry, leave a separate comment stating whether you're a silver or gold person (or both)!

*If you are reading this post in an email, click the post title to open it in your web browser.  Then, leave a comment.*

Entries accepted through 11:59pm CST, December 2nd.
(I cannot believe that I just typed "December.")

Happy, happy Thanksgiving!  
I YAM so thankful for you all.
(See what I did there?) ;) 

And, Houston area folks...they now have a shop in Sugarland!!! 

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