From boy crushes to cookie crushes...

lemon coconut cottontail cookies
I was the girl who *always* had a "crush" on a boy.  ALWAYS.  I think it started about 5th grade and went all the way through college.  I'm not sure why I had these crushes...none of them ever paid me any attention. 

Can I tell you an embarrassing story about one of my crushes...and you promise you won't tell?  Ok, good.  In 7th grade, my crush, Andy, asked another girl in band to "go with" him.  ("Go with"...that's what we called it in the olden days.)

Anyway...I was so, so heartbroken. 
lemon coconut cottontail cookies
(Now,  at this point in the story, please keep in mind that these were the olden days like I mentioned earlier with no caller ID.)
I came home from school that day, called his house, and when he answered the phone...

...when he answered the phone...

...I set the needle down on my Grease album (vinyl: olden days), and played Hopelessly Devoted to You to him over the phone.  And, then hung up.

Yep.  I did.

lemon coconut cottontail cookies
Happily for everyone involved, crushes on boys have morphed into crushes on cookies.  It's kind of like school all over again...a new crush every week or so...but without the heartache.

lemon coconut cottontail cookies

My crush this week is this recipe for Lemon Coconut Cottontail Cookies.  They're TOTALLY crush-worthy.  And, they love when you belt out Hopelessly Devoted to You...they don't even find it creepy whatsoever.

lemon coconut cottontail cookies
Seriously, these little sweeties are *perfect* for your Easter dessert table.  Soft, citrus-y, and oh-so-pretty. 

Promise me you'll eat one warm...then bathe the rest in the lemon glaze and cover with sweetened coconut.

lemon coconut cottontail cookies
I'm sharing this recipe over at Imperial Sugar.

chocolate bunny sandwich cookies with marshmallow buttercream
Guys!  Also, let me tell you about these Chocolate Sandwich Bunny Cookies with Marshmallow Buttercream that are also over at Imperial Sugar.  You may have seen these in their Easter ads recently.  I was thrilled to be able to create the recipe and then they were photographed for the ad by talented Heidi of FoodieCrushClick here for the recipe...there's also a how-to video! (Yikes!)

*And, please tell me I'm not the only one with an embarrassing "crush" story...or two.*

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