Raspberry Poppy Seed Bread

Quick breads.  Oh, you evil temptresses.

raspberry poppy seed bread with lemon glaze from @bakeat350 and @imperialsugar
I try *not* to bake quick breads often because I love them so much.  My muffin top should probably be referred to as a "quick bread" top.

Mr. E will tell you, I've had a long standing love affair with Starbucks pumpkin loaf.  He seems ok with it.

raspberry poppy seed bread with lemon glaze from @bakeat350 and @imperialsugar
Sometimes the call of the quick bread is too strong and it must be answered.  Such is the case today.

This Raspberry Poppy Seed Bread is sweet, moist, studded with crunchy poppy seeds, and tart raspberries.  It's topped off with a simple lemon glaze.

raspberry poppy seed bread with lemon glaze from @bakeat350 and @imperialsugar
The recipe calls for frozen raspberries, so you can make it all year long.  Also, it makes two loaves.  One for you, one for the neighbors.  Or, two for you. 

raspberry poppy seed bread loaves photo raspberrypoppyseedbreadpost3of6.jpg
Let me give you a little hint...I think the bread tastes most delicious when it's been left to sit (wrapped and refrigerated) for a day or two.

raspberry poppy seed bread quick bread ... makes 2 loaves!

raspberry poppy seed bread with (or without) lemon glaze from @bakeat350 and @imperialsugar
Raspberry Poppy Seed Bread.  When the call of the quick bread can no longer be ignored.

{Find the recipe over at Imperial Sugar.}

raspberry poppy seed bread with lemon glaze from @bakeat350 and @imperialsugar


  1. That looks delicious! I too have an ongoing love affair with quick breads, I'll have to add this to my lineup of breads-to-make. :)

    1. Looks delicious, would have liked to see have seen it sliced to see what the inside looks like.....

  2. OKAY...WHOAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! I love these! I think I'll gift the neighbor something else and have both the loaves for myself! haha!!!! These look incredible and I just want to sink my teeth into this raspberry, poppy seed goodness!

  3. wow fabulous! I also made a bundtcake with poppyseed :) check it out on www.fancyfactory.it and let me know what do you think about it.

  4. Lovely bread, amazing flavor combo! Must make!! xo

  5. Such a delicious combination of flavours. I'd gobble both loaves by myself!

  6. Most quick breads taste best after a day or so. You are right. I make lemon poppyseed bread but want to try this version. You make me laugh with your muffin top/ quick bread top comment. So funny.

  7. Can bread be too beautiful to eat? Let me think about that for a minute. NO!!


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