Blueberry Cream Pie ...for those last days of summer

easy blueberry cream pie with a no-bake filling
It's true.  I've already moved on from summer a bit.  There have been soft pumpkin cookies, and back-to-school cookies, but this week, it's the last hurrah of summer.

{Actually, around here, summer seems to last until about November 3rd.}

easy blueberry cream pie with a no-bake filling
Today's recipe is for Blueberry Cream Pie.  The filling is a no-bake filling made with sweetened condensed milk, Greek yogurt, and lemon.

 photo blueberrycreampie2of8.jpg
The only baking you'll do is a quick bake of the graham cracker crust. 

 photo blueberrycreampie5of8.jpg
The way the blueberries are scattered throughout, I thought about calling it Polka Dot Pie.

This Blueberry Cream Pie is just about the easiest pie to make EVER.  It's the perfect end to summer, using up the last of summer's juicy blueberries. Bring it along to a Labor Day cookout!

easy blueberry cream pie with a no-bake filling
I'm sharing the recipe over at Imperial Sugar.  Come and get it! 



  1. Terrific, quick to make, tasty, and very appealing.

  2. Oh yum! No bake pies are the best-especially since its like 90 degrees here...

  3. I'm ready for the cool weather of fall, but am not ready to leave behind the summertime fruit yet. This sounds like a great way to use up the last of that fruit!

  4. Looks beautiful and delicious!


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