The sure thing.

There's one sure thing about the first day of school.  That sure thing is cookies.
copycat doubletree hotel cookie recipe
I don't always make chocolate chip cookies, but when I do...
(Sorry, I was slipping into the Most Interesting Man in the World mode.)

doubletree hotel cookies rack photo doubletreecookies2of8.jpg
As I was saying...I don't make the same cookies every year.  Some years, I ask kiddo what he wants.  Some years, it's the Tollhouse recipe straight from the back of the bag. This year, I knew what I was baking:  Julie's (from The Little Kitchen) Copycat Doubletree Hotel Cookies.

I pinned Julie's recipe ages ago.  I thought about them a lot.  (More than is probably healthy.) Then, we stayed in a Doubletree Hotel earlier this month and it was just the kick in the pants I needed to MAKE THOSE COOKIES.

doubletree hotel cookies rack single photo doubletreecookies3of8.jpg
{If you've never stayed at a Doubletree Hotel before (A.) get yourself to one, pronto. (B.) They give you warm chocolate chip cookies at check in.  Yep.  I had mine eaten in, oh, about 5 minutes of entering our room.  Mr. E, on the other hand, waited almost 24 hours to eat his.  I had to tell him that if he did not consume it ASAP, all bets were off.  (I was not kidding.)}

Let me say...these Copycat Doubletree Hotel Cookies are straight up glorious.  Yes, glorious.  If I was served one of these at check-in at the Doubletree, I wouldn't doubt that they were the real deal.  The cookies are big, thick, chewy, studded with chocolate chips, and all out fantastic.

copycat doubletree hotel cookie recipe
I'm just going to link you to Julie's recipe here.  The only change I made was to switch the chocolate chips to mini chocolate chips.  I thought that's what Doubletree used.  Then, as I'm writing this blog post, I clicked over to my Instagram feed, and lo and behold, they weren't mini chips after all.  I'm apparently having memory issues.

Big chips, mini chips, it doesn't matter.  MAKE THEM.  

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