Sweet on Trader Joe's Saturdays: Milk & Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

Kiddo chose Trader Joe's chocolate covered almonds for our review this week.  They brought back a lot of memories for me.
trader joe's chocolate covered almonds review
I spent the ride home telling him about how when I was growing up, boxes of chocolate covered almonds were what most kids sold to raise money for sports teams, trips, etc.  If I'm remembering correctly, they were pretty pricey.  My parents would always buy from the kid selling, but maybe just a box or two.  I loved those almonds so much, it was almost enough to make me join a sports team just to have access to more of them.  Almost. 

Trader Joe's chocolate covered almonds seem a little pricey, too, and $7.99...but in all fairness, you get a whopping 24 ounces in the container.  That's a lot more than in those fundraising boxes.  This box contains a mix...both milk and dark chocolate.  Something for everyone!

trader joe's chocolate covered almonds review
My take: Well, maybe I have too many emotions wrapped up in chocolate covered almond memories.  These are very good, don't get me wrong, but I think I've had better.  The almonds are covered in a pretty thick coating of chocolate.  There's definitely a difference between the milk and the dark.  The dark have a distinct coffee note to them, although I don't see coffee as an ingredient.  I started off liking the dark chocolate better, but after many (many) taste tests, the milk started to grow on me.  The milk are more like the chocolate covered almonds of my childhood.
Overall rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kiddo's take: These are pretty good... but as my mom said, I've had better. There is a world of difference between the milk and dark chocolates (even in color!), which can be very helpful if you incline towards milk or dark. The nut itself is good, although not stunning. I, being a milk chocolate lover, was instantly addicted to them. Then again, doesn't everyone get addicted to chocolate?
Overall rating: 4.75 out of 5 stars

trader joe's chocolate covered almonds review
Trader Joe's Milk & Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds: very good, but we may have had better.
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