That one time we met Tyler Florence...

A little of the private schools in our area has a big fundraiser every year called the Signatures Author Series.  They invite a well-known author to headline the event and do a book signing.  A handful of local authors are invited to sign their books as well.

tyler florence cookbooks
I attended the event two years ago with Decorating Cookies and went back this year with Decorating Cookies PartyThis year's headliner: TYLER FLORENCE!  Woot!

Tyler has been on Food Network forever (19 years!) and has penned 12 books, including books for children.  Maybe you've seen Sprout organic baby food?  That's Tyler.  I was invited to sit in on a press conference with him.  He's really passionate about kids eating a matter of fact, he said his family only has dessert on special occasions. 
(Aaaaand, that was the moment I decided not to ask him what his favorite cookie is. After that, the only thing I could think of to say was, "I like your glasses." I chickened out.) ;) 

One of his goals is to encourage people to be more intuitive cooks...not to be slaves to recipes.

tyler florence book event
{This pic is from the press conference.  No, he's not checking Twitter; he was looking for a picture of a turkey to show us.}

I was impressed...not just because of his accomplishments, but his demeanor.  Before the event, he signed a chair for a silent auction.  My book table was directly across from it, so of course, I was taking in every detail.  He was personable and friendly with all of the volunteers.  Afterward, he stopped by every local author book table and introduced himself, taking pictures, etc.  His keynote presentation was fun and informative...definitely a hit with the 800 people in attendance!

tyler florence book event
That morning when Mr. E and I were getting out of the car, I spied his San Francisco Giants cap in the back window.  Knowing Tyler is a fan (yes, I stalk him on Instagram), I told Mr. E to bring it. Well, the two bonded and talked baseball for a while.  I watched the World Series, but I'm not exactly well-versed in baseball.  I can tell you where the best food is at Minute Maid Park and how much I miss Craig Biggio and Lance Berkman...that's about it, so I stood there smiling and nodding like an idiot. ;)

tyler florence: inside the test kitchen

Tyler's new book is called Inside the Test Kitchen: 120 New Recipes, Perfected. 
It's a cool book.  Tyler explained that every recipe in the book was inspired by problems and questions people posed to him on Instagram and Twitter These recipes and techniques are tested and tested and re-tested...and I love Tyler's handwritten notes in the margins.  His book is about taking those notions we have of the "right" way to cook things and asking why. 

tyler florence: inside the test kitchen
For example, wouldn't we enjoy risotto more if we weren't standing over the hot stove ladling in scoops of stock and stirring continuously for 45 minutes?  As Tyler put it, "45 minutes for cheesy rice?"  He turned the method on its head and has a much simpler version that takes 20 minutes...with out the ladling and stirring.  Thanksgiving turkey (with stuffing!) in 1.5 hours instead of 4 hours?  I cannot wait to try that!

I haven't had a chance to make any of the recipes at home, but I feel sure they are all winners...we can trust Tyler, can't we?!?

Speaking of book events (why does this always feel so awkward to write about???), this Saturday (Nov. 15th), I'll be signing books at Barnes & Noble in The Woodlands from 1-3pm.  So, Tyler Florence won't be there, but I will be bringing cookies! ;)  I'd love to meet you! 

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