Christmas Gift Ideas for Cookie Decorators

christmas gift ideas for cookie decorators and bakers

Do you have a cookie decorator in your life?  Someone who has the basics (piping bags, cookie cutters, food coloring, etc.) already?

Here are some Christmas gift ideas that they just might LOVE to see under the tree this year (click the links to go to the products):

1. KitchenAid Stand Mixer.  Let's start out with a biggie.  If the baker in your life doesn't have one, I can pretty much guarantee she's drooled on one at Williams-Sonoma.  I happen to love my glass bowl version, but any will do!

2. DoStix. These plastic, washable sticks ensure perfectly even dough.  Forget eyeballing (like I used to do), forget wooden dowels from the home improvement store, buy these.  Your cookie decorator may not even know she needs them.

3. Books. I'm kind of partial to these two. ;)  As someone who has been decorating cookies for years, I still love to look at decorating books, even just as a jumping off point for my own ideas.  Each of these books contains not only royal icing and several cut-out cookie recipes, each has tutorials, and how-to's for over 50 cookie designs. Decorating Cookies and (new) Decorating Cookies Party

4. Tieks. Shoes? Yes.  Cookie decorators and bakers of every kind spend A LOT of time on their feet.  I originally splurged on a pair of Tieks before a vacation this summer. I knew I'd be doing a lot of walking and still wanted my feet to look cute while doing so.  Ha!  Now, I never want to take them off. Yes, they are pricey.  Yes, this is the most I've ever spent on a pair of shoes.  Yes, they are worth every penny.  (They also come in a darling little gift wrapping required.)

4. A pretty apron.  I have a gazillion (give or take a million or so) aprons.  They're smeared with royal icing, dusted with powdered sugar, in and out of the laundry over and over again.  Heavenly Hostess aprons are not one of those aprons.  Heavenly Hostess aprons are fancy.  They're for wearing when you host a cookie exchange in your home, or for serving wine and cheese.  It's a gift your favorite baker probably won't buy for herself, but will gasp with delight when she opens it.  Just ask Mr. E who treated me to one last Christmas. ♥

5. Spatulas, spatulas, spatulas.  I speak for all cookie decorators here...we can't have too many spatulas.  All sizes, all colors, all patterns; we'll use them.  Looking for stocking stuffers?  This is it.

6. PME tips.  So, this looks like your average, everyday icing tip...not Christmas gift material.  Well, PME tips are special.  Icing flows out more smoothly, the openings are more consistent, they're my favorite.  PME's are also a little more expensive that the icing tips you'll find at the craft store, so they're a welcome treat for any decorator.  (My suggestion: tips #1, #1.5 & #2.)

7. Pretty kitchenware.  Sure, we have bowls, whisks, and rolling pins already, but most bakers I know are suckers for pretty and unique versions.  Anthropologie is your go-to place for all kinds of beautiful kitchenware.  Gentlemen, don't be overwhelmed if you actually go in one of their retail locations.  Go to the kitchen area and buy...anything.

Now, I'm in the mood to go shopping...and eat cookies! 



  1. I love my KitchenAid, makes you feel like a right grownup in the kitchen!

  2. I've been wanting Tieks SO badly but I can't seem to muster the will to spend that much on a pair of flats :( I should add it to my Christmas wishlist!
    Also, is it just me that's bothered by the DoStix photo? There's no dusty flour under the cookies that have been cut out of the dough; it's just a perfectly clean surface! How?!

    1. I think the flour is just stuck to the bottom of the cookie. Other than my husband, Greg (owner of DoStix), being really good at making cookies, I can assure you there is nothing doctored on that photo!

  3. Good reminder to order PME tips...finally, so I just did, for my stocking. :)

  4. You make me wish I was a cookie decorator so I'd have an excuse to ask for this stuff :)

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