Mini Gingerbread Houses (from ONE cookie cutter!)

mini gingerbread houses (made with ONE cookie cutter)
Here's another one of those cutters that I've held on to for a couple of years before using.  I found it in my grocery store...gotta love HEB...but I saw some LAST WEEK in Target!
(You can thank me later for giving you another excuse for a Target run.)

*update: there is one at Fancy Flours, too!*

mini gingerbread houses (made with ONE cookie cutter)
This cookie cutter is pretty nifty.  With one cut, you get all of the pieces to assemble a mini gingerbread house: front and back, 2 walls, and 2 roof pieces.

I was not entirely sure that this would work.  So, I'll let you in on a little secret.  I didn't not use my most favorite gingerbread dough in the world.  I tested it out with pre-rolled, refrigerated Nestle gingerbread cookie dough.  Yep, I did.  Guess what?  It worked AND it was tasty!

OK...first, you'll bake the cookies.  I froze the shapes for 5-10 minutes before baking like I normally do.

Once they cool, you're ready to assemble and decorate.
mini gingerbread houses (made with ONE cookie cutter)
I used my regular royal icing recipe.  (I quartered that recipe.) To assemble the pieces, I used a #3 tip.

(It occurred to me after putting them together that maybe I should have decorated the cookies FIRST, then assembled.  Oh well.  Next time.)

Once the royal icing set (I gave it about an hour or more), it was time to decorate!

Once again, I used royal icing and lots and lots of sprinkles.

mini gingerbread houses (made with ONE cookie cutter)
Loving this Gingerbread Boy sprinkle mix...

mini gingerbread houses (made with ONE cookie cutter)
This one is a snowy little cottage.  I used Bakerella's mini marshmallows for the roof.  The way I did it kind of makes the roof look like it has a mohawk.  It's a punk snow cottage.

mini gingerbread houses (made with ONE cookie cutter)
Oh, and this one looks like it may collapse under the weight of the sprinkles on the roof.

mini gingerbread houses (made with ONE cookie cutter)
This little guy is pretty traditional.

Making these really got me in the mood to make a gingerbread house...or lots of them.  These minis are nice because they're not so intimidating. Which begs the question...why am I intimidated by houses made of gingerbread???

The other really cool thing about these minis is that we actually ATE them! ;)  I've been sending them to school in kiddo's lunchbox.
(Because every 15-year-old boy wants a mini gingerbread house in his lunchbox.  Am I right?)

mini gingerbread houses (made with ONE cookie cutter)

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  1. I just made some too..I bought the cutter in Fl..Amazon..but later found it at Target for only $3 something..Great deal at that price!
    Love the sprinkles..I put the same snowwflakes..Lucky children to get these in their lunchbox..
    My little Secret was the second time I used a BC gingerbread mix and they really need a cookie that does not next time tried and true again:)
    Love yours!

  2. I just bought these at target a few weeks ago, and am so excited to give it a try! I've never been a fan of the taste of gingerbread. Do you think I'd have trouble making these with a sugar cookie recipe?

  3. These are darling! Guess I better make another run to Target. Oh darn!

  4. I've had my cutter for a couple years now and love it. They are surprisingly fun for Christmas parties. I set up the constructed houses and all my bottles and jars of decorations (I have _lots_ of decorations), and a couple bags of royal icing for all the guests to personalize their own. I thought I would have to drag people over the first time, but there was a line as soon as I pointed out the setup! Just make sure you have the vacuum cleaner ready for after the party. Some decorators sprinkle with a flourish!

  5. Bridget,
    These are so adorable. I could eat one or three right now. I bet they would be fun for kids to assemble too.

  6. These are so cute!!! What an amazing idea to use one cookie cutter...mind blown! :)

  7. These turned out so cute! I like how they are all different. I need to find that gingerbread man sprinkle mix!

  8. I LOVE this cutter! As I too got it at HEB (in Sugar Land--not too far from you!) when we lived there a few years ago. As we do our gingerbread men for the tree I always cut out a couple of these for our kids to decorate. This year I cut out just the outer shape and thenout of the oven and they were perfect to assemble (plus I always go for those lovely cookie fries!).
    Also, I have introduced your fabulous vanilla almond cookie recipe across the pond here. It was a hit! Watch out, I'm bringing some GOOD food to the UK!

    1. In case you can't understand the gibberish: I recut the cookies out of the oven.

      I do my best editing after hitting send...

  9. I just purchased this cookie cutter at Walmart for $1.98 what a bargain! Thanks for all the great ideas can hardly wait to use it.

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