Wishing you and yours an Out of this World Christmas!

star wars gingerbread cookies
From a galaxy far, far away...otherwise known as Texas...we're wishing all of you and your families an out of this world Christmas!
{groan. I know, I know...Mr. E's corny jokes have rubbed off on me after all of these years.}

star wars gingerbread cookies
In case you want to pick these Star Wars cookie cutters up for next year, they're from Think Geek. I think they'd be perfectly cute all year long. Wookie Cookies!
The storm trooper is my favorite. 
star wars gingerbread cookies
Gingerbread recipe here.
Royal Icing recipe here. 

(The gift tag seemed appropriate for Catholic school Christmas gifts, right?  I'm sure if the teachers didn't think I was a weirdo before, THEY DO NOW.)
star wars gingerbread cookies

Have a very, merry Christmas!  
Or, as Yoda would say, "Have a merry Christmas, you will." 

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