Sweet on Trader Joe's Saturday: Cocoa Batons

trader joe's cocoa batons review

Today, we bring you a review of Trader Joe's Cocoa Batons.

I think these might be a new item as they were on an endcap and caught my eye immediately. Cocoa Batons come in a cute cardboard tube like a Pringles can. 

trader joe's cocoa batons review
Trader Joe's describes these as "delicate rolled wafers filled with rich chocolate cream." A 5-ounce package will set you back only $1.99. 

trader joe's cocoa batons review
A mom's (my) take: Super thin and crispy wafers filled with creamy chocolate...what's not to love? Crunchy and creamy at the same time, it's hard not to eat more than the suggested serving size of 2 pieces. I think these would be perfect served with ice cream, or so pretty on a dessert table. 
Overall rating: 4 of 5 stars

A teenager's (kiddo's) take: I am a HUGE fan of any of these types of wafer rolls, but these... These are quality. The wafers are thin, very crispy and slightly sweet. They yield easily to the decadent and flavorful chocolate inside. Also, it's the perfect balance of both; not too much wafer and not too much chocolate either. I could easily eat a couple containers with no regrets, aside from a stomachache;)
Overall rating: 5.5 out of 5 stars (not a typo)

trader joe's cocoa batons review
Trader Joe's Cocoa Batons: we like 'em. 

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