Coconut Cream Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

Yep. You must make it. I don't care if it's for Easter, Mother's Day, or a regular ol' weekday like I MUST make this cake.

Coconut Cream Cake with Cream Cheese Icing
You know how Bundt cakes can sometimes be heavy or too dense? Not this one. It's soft and moist, with a crispy edge, and just full of lovely coconut flavor. It's topped with a cream cheese icing, and well, cream cheese icing is the cat's meow.

cream of coconut
The secret is Cream of Coconut. You'll find this in the drink mixer section of the store...usually near the tonics, etc. Don't substitute coconut milk or coconut water here. Just don't.

Coconut Cream Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

So, yeah. I'm sharing this recipe over at Imperial Sugar today. I'm making it again for Easter...and kind of hoping the boys make for me again for Mother's Day.
(If you need me, I'll be doing ab crunches in preparation. Not really.)

OK...go get the recipe.


  1. This looks perfect for Easter, will have to give this a go! Thank you Bridget

  2. Bridget,
    This is a lovely cake. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

  3. This is absolutely beautiful!! What a perfect spring dessert!

  4. Coconut desserts are my husband's favorite. I need to make this for him soon. So pretty!

  5. Yes.. I have no doubt I need to make it :D

  6. I am very disappointed with this cake. I make ya least one bundt cake a week. This would not come out of the pan.

    1. Hi DB! I'm so sorry you had problems with the cake....that's so frustrating! I hope you were at least able to eat it with a fork out of the pan! ;)

      I've had no issues removing from the pan. I do grease and flour my Bundt pans very, very well when I make a Bundt cake. I'm a little obsessive about it. I'll make sure that the instructions say to grease and flour over on Imperial's site. Thanks for reading!

  7. Um.
    I totally love all things BUNDT.
    With thick frosting.

  8. Hi, I'm on this new kick of LOVING coconut recently, weird cuz I never did in my previous 35 years :). Question though since I can't get coconut cream here (Greece) It'll be ok if I substitute coconut milk, huh? Or maybe mix it with regular cream? What do you think??? Thanks for the recipe !!!

  9. i want to use cake flour do I need to omit cornstarch


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