Happy Happy Happy (cookies)

I love happy. I strive for happy.
(Although, as I was stuck in traffic yesterday, HAPPY was a definite struggle.)

happy happy joy joy spring floral decorated cookies
These cookies are HAPPY. {Start humming Pharrell Williams here; better yet...let's all watch the video. I'd like to live in there.}

happy happy joy joy spring floral decorated cookies
It's funny...for a girl who has probably 500+ cookie cutters, I was stuck with a capital S when deciding on cookies to make for a bake sale. Some dear friends of ours are heading to Haiti on a mission trip over spring break and a bake sale was part of their fundraising efforts. I signed up to make 4 dozen cookies and couldn't think of a single design.

What to make? What to make? My fallback cookies are hearts, but the bake sale was right after Valentine's Day and I didn't want people to think they were leftovers. (You could probably say that I over-think things.)

happy happy joy joy spring floral decorated cookies

I looked through my cookie archives (which I desperately need to update), I scoured Pinterest, I spent DAYS thinking about what cookie to make. Clearly, I need more hobbies. Anyhoo...I started looking at invitation and stationery websites because I think they always have pretty and modern design ideas. On Minted, I came across this set of garden party decor, and BINGO, inspiration.

I originally planned for only the white with dots and the solid pink cookies, but then I could tell I was running low on white icing and this happened...

happy happy joy joy spring floral decorated cookies

Here's what you'll need to make some Happy Cookies that would make Pharrell proud:

The cookies were outlined with a #2 tip and white icing. Then, they were flooded with thinned icing. To thin icing for flooding, add water a bit at a time, until it is the consistency of maple syrup. Stir gently with a silicone spatula. Transfer to a squeeze bottle and fill in the outlines.

For the dots, thinned icing was dropped right on top of the wet base coat. See this post for more details.

spring floral decorated cookies

To make the flowers:
  • big roses: pipe a swirl using the #14 star tip 
  • rose buds: pipe a dot with a #3 tip. Use a #1 tip to add a swirl on top
  • leaves: use a #349 leaf tip. Practice on a plate of sheet of waxed paper first, releasing the pressure on the piping bag as you pull out and away. 
Always let cookies dry 6-8 hours or overnight UNCOVERED. 

happy happy joy joy spring floral decorated cookies

I think these are my new go-to when I can't think of any other cookie designs to make. :)

Hoping your day is filled with a big dose of HAPPY!
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