Oatmeal Toffee Cookies (gluten-free)

Luckily for me, we are not gluten-free around here...I'm living on a diet I like to call the "All Gluten, All the Time Diet."  BUT, I kind of fell in love with oat flour when developing a gluten-free cut-out cookie recipe for Decorating Cookies Party.

oatmeal toffee cookies {gluten free}

Oat flour has great texture, and makes for a substantial cookie.  Oats are naturally gluten-free, but if you do suffer from Celiac disease, make sure to look for oat flour labeled as gluten-free because of cross-contamination.

oatmeal toffee cookies {gluten free}

These cookies: chewy, sweet, with just a little extra hint of sea salt...so good.  Mr. E can't get enough of them.

I'm sharing the recipe over on Imperial Sugar.

oatmeal toffee cookies {gluten free}

(To find the gluten-free cut-out cookie I mentioned above, check out Decorating Cookies Party...it's a chocolate cookie that I know you'll love, gluten-free or not.)

This is month 4 of a year of oatmeal cookies for dad. Find the rest here:



  1. These look lovely, love the pinch of salt to bring out the flavour too!

  2. These look so yummy! Not Gluten free either, but I could eat these :)


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