Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sweet on Trader Joe's Saturday: Key Lime Pie

Once again, we're heading to the freezer section for our review.

trader joe's weekly dessert review. this week: key lime pie
Trader Joe's Key Lime Pie: I think this could be a seasonal item. I've never seen it before, and it was in the middle section of the freezer case where seasonal items often are.

The pie comes frozen, but only takes an hour or two of defrosting in the fridge before it's ready. That's a good thing because as soon as I picked it up in the store, I could think of nothing else. An overnight defrost would just have been torture.

trader joe's weekly dessert review. this week: key lime pie
{human tested; kitty approved.}

Described on the box as "punchy, zingy, sweet & addictive," TJ's Key Lime Pie costs $5.49.

trader joe's weekly dessert review. this week: key lime pie
A mom's (my) take: I applaud Trader Joe's for choosing a graham cracker crust here instead of a pastry crust. Joe's mama raised him right. ;) The crust is thick, but not overly so, holds its shape when cut, and has just the right crunch. The filling is as is should be sweet and tangy...creamy and cold. It's not the prettiest pie in the world, but could easily be dressed up with a dollop or two of whipped cream.
Overall rating: 5 of 5 stars

A teenager's (Jack's) review: I really love this pie. The pie itself has a very strong flavor, but not overwhelmingly so. The crust is rich and buttery, providing a nice contrast to the pie itself. I could eat several of these. Not pieces; whole ones! These simply taste wonderful.
Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Trader Joe's Key Lime Pie: Eat up while it's in store! 

trader joe's weekly dessert review. this week: key lime pie

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  1. They were sampling this at my TJ's last week and they said it was seasonal. I think she told me they switch it out with pumpkin?? Anyhoo, I give it five stars, too!

  2. I did NOT need to know that TJ's Key Lime Pie is delicious. I am doomed.

  3. Try it with whipped coconut cream on top. You're welcome.

  4. The pie looks delicious (I love key mime pie) but what I really love is your kitty! What a cutie!!

  5. wish there was one key lime pie!

  6. I saw this last weekend! I wanted to buy it but I feared I would eat the whole thing in one sitting.


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