Raspberry Champagne Sorbet, ooo-la-la!

raspberry champagne sorbet : from bakeat350.blogspot.com
When Wholesome!™ sent me some of their Organic Blue Agave to try, I wasn't exactly sure what to make.

raspberry champagne sorbet : from bakeat350.blogspot.com
In Houston, it's been HOT and make-up-meltingly humid. I needed something cold. Also, I never turn down the opportunity to pop open a bottle of bubbly.

raspberry champagne sorbet : from bakeat350.blogspot.com
I decided to make Raspberry Champagne Sorbet. 
It's tart, it's sweet, and it's so, so pretty.

raspberry champagne sorbet made with agave
{psst...this is the new Wholesome!™ packaging. You may find it in your store labeled as Wholesome Sweeteners. Same good stuff.}

Here's what I liked about using the agave for this recipe...I didn't have to turn on my stove to make the syrup. I just combined the Wholesome!™ Organic Blue Agave with hot water. Voila! Agave simple syrup. Agave is 25% sweeter than sugar, but this blue agave is mild in flavor and didn't compete at all with the other flavors in the sorbet.

This is literally all you'll need to make this fancy-sounding sorbet...
raspberry champagne sorbet made with agave
....well, and water. And, an ice cream maker. That's it. Promise.

 You'll whir the raspberries with lemon juice and a little vanilla.
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After straining out the seeds (man, there are a lot of seeds), you'll be left with a gorgeous raspberry puree. So pretty! I want a lipstick this color.

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Next, it's time for the bubbly. I know, I know...unless it's from France, it's not *technically* champagne. You could use any bubbly here. I chose a Rose with "notes of berry."
raspberry champagne sorbet : from bakeat350.blogspot.com

This gorgeous sorbet would be the perfect dessert for the 4th of July! Impress your guests with very little work on your part at all. I like that kind of party. Plus, I can be made ahead. In fact, it's BEST made ahead so that the sorbet can firm up a bit to be more scoopable.

Raspberry Champagne Sorbet

3/4 cup Wholesome!™ Organic Blue Agave
3/4 cup hot water
18 ounces fresh raspberries
1 TBSP fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1 cup champagne, sparkling wine, or Prosecco

In a bowl, whisk together the agave and hot water. Place in the refrigerator to cool.

Meanwhile, process the raspberries in a blender with the lemon juice and vanilla extract until smooth. Press the puree through a fine mesh sieve to strain out the seeds. Refrigerate while the agave syrup chills.

making raspberry champagne sorbet : from bakeat350.blogspot.com
When the agave is thoroughly chilled, whisk it together with the raspberry puree and the champagne.

With the ice cream maker running, pour the mixture into the machine. Process according to manufacturer's instructions, about 25 minutes. Remove to a freezer container, cover with plastic wrap, and freeze until firm enough to scoop, several hours.

raspberry champagne sorbet : from bakeat350.blogspot.com
*This post was sponsored by Wholesome!™. All opinions and recipes are my own.*

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