Ginger Ale Bundt Cake

ginger ale bundt cake
Ginger ale always reminds me of my mom. I don't remember ever having ginger ale in the house, but if we were on an airplane, Mom was ordering a ginger ale.

ginger ale bundt cake
I know she would have liked this cake, too. The cake has a subtle ginger flavor and the texture is perfection...moist and light with a crispy exterior. I mean, is there anything worse than a heavy and dense Bundt cake? Ok...there are a lot of things worse than that, but Bundt cake-wise, heavy and dense is not my favorite.

ginger ale bundt cake recipe
The ginger flavor is punched up just a bit with the addition of crystallized ginger....I LOVE this stuff! So good! Trader Joe's carries it pre-packaged and my regular grocery store has it in the bulk section.

ginger ale bundt cake recipe with a vanilla-ginger ale glaze
Oh! And there's a glaze! A vanilla-ginger ale glaze. So sweet, so shiny, so glaze-y.

ginger ale bundt cake recipe with a vanilla-ginger ale glaze
I'm sharing the recipe over on Imperial Sugar's site today. 
I'm also trying to refrain from eating the rest of what is sitting in my kitchen right now. Family of 3, 1 Bundt cake, me left alone in the house all poor waistline.

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