Cherry Pie Bars

cherry pie bars :: like sugar cookie bars and a cherry pie got married ♥

Imagine if sugar cookie bars and a cherry pie got married.

I like food marriages. Last week, I saw this macaroni & cheese pizza and, well, I haven't been able to stop thinking of it since.

cherry pie bars :: like sugar cookie bars and a cherry pie got married ♥

Here's what I love about these bars: EVERYTHING.
The sugar cookie base is thick and almond-y. The cherries are tart and sweet. The whole thing comes together in a snap. Cherry pie with no fork required.

After the bars have cooled, you'll dust them with powdered sugar. My powdered sugar shaker (filled with Imperial Confectioner's Powdered Sugar, of course) is one of my favorite kitchen tools.

cherry pie bars :: like sugar cookie bars and a cherry pie got married ♥

Mr. E went a little ga-ga over these. (Maybe men don't go ga-ga. Whatever you want to call it, he LOVED them.)

If you bake one thing this week...make these bars.

I'm sharing my cherry pie bars recipe over on Imperial Sugar today.


  1. These look great, my husband will love them! One question...why is the 2 cups of flour listed twice in the ingredients list?

    1. Hi CLM! Thanks for catching that...all fixed now. :)

  2. These look wonderful! Cherry anything is my favorite kind of fruit-based dessert.

  3. I make a very similar coffee cake that I found on AllRecipes, but instead of being dusted with sugar, it has a powdered sugar glaze that you drizzle over it. Mine has baking powder and uses 1/2 cup shortening and 1/2 cup butter, which changes the texture from cookie-like to cake-like.

  4. What a tantalizing and vibrantly-colored dessert! The almonds are a lovely touch.

  5. Cherries.. I have no doubt these bars were amazing!

  6. Mmmm--all of your recipes are tempting, but every now and then you post one that I just have to try. I made a batch late Saturday night for a potluck the next day. I had to try one before going to bed (it was hard to stop at one!), and had another for breakfast on Sunday.


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