Let's talk about airbrushing cookies...

Remember this fall floral cookie set? (Yes, you do because I can't stop talking about it.) Last week, I showed you the toothpick roses I used for them, and today we're going to talk airbrushing.

airbrushing cookies: the basics | bakeat350.blogspot.com
I was convinced I didn't want or need an airbrush for cookies. I like to keep my decorated cookies simple. 
A. I want this blog to be a place where brand new and novice and maybe-I-want-to-try cookie decorators can come and not be intimidated.
B. I don't have a lot of storage in my house or kitchen.
C. I was a little scared of it.
D. Less time decorating, more time eating.

airbrushing cookies: the basics | bakeat350.blogspot.com
Enter going to CookieCon and actually getting a chance to try airbrushing. I was surprised by how much I liked it. With some expert help from Lauri of Cadillac Cookie, and with some convincing from Anita from Sweet Hope Cookies (two of the sweetest, most talented cookie decorators around), I knew I needed an airbrush in my life.

Keep in mind that I'm new to airbrushing...and I'm sure we'll learn together along the way. I just couldn't wait to share with you what I've learned so far.
airbrushing cookies: the basics | bakeat350.blogspot.com

Here's what I like about airbrushing: it's an easy way to add depth and another layer of detail to your cookies. It's also a super simple way to replicate a logo or pattern. 

The truth is...the airbrush is small! It doesn't take a lot of time. In fact, if you compare airbrushing to PIPING a pattern on a cookie, it's so much faster. Also, it's a lot easier to do than I thought. And, if you have a little mistake or underspray here and there, remember:
It's just a cookie!!!

You'll need:

airbrushing cookies: the basics | bakeat350.blogspot.com
airbrushing cookies: the basics | bakeat350.blogspot.com
I made sure my base coat of royal icing had dried completely. Then, I used my Stencil Genie (that's the pink contraption) to secure the stencil and placed it on top of the cookie. 

airbrushing cookies: the basics | bakeat350.blogspot.com
Put only a few drops of color in the reservoir. If you're using a sheen color like I am here, be sure to shake the bottle before every use. 

Hold the airbrush "pen" straight down over the cookie, not at an angle. This helps to prevent underspray. 

Follow the lines of the stencil...don't just go back and forth. Use a light touch; you can always go back over areas that are not dark enough. 

airbrushing cookies: the basics | bakeat350.blogspot.com
airbrushing cookies: the basics | bakeat350.blogspot.com
Once the cookie has been airbrushed, lift the stencil straight up. 

The stencil only needs to be cleaned every few cookies or so. Check the back to make sure color isn't coming though or pooling. If it is, or starts to get gunky, rinse with water, then DRY COMPLETELY before placing back onto your cookies. 

Speaking of cleaning, Lisa from The Bearfoot Baker (another one of those sweet and talented cookiers) has a great post on cleaning an airbrush. And, here's another one

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airbrushing cookies: the basics | bakeat350.blogspot.com
I'm sold and can't wait to use it again! I was literally looking around my kitchen for more to airbrush. I joked about airbrushing the taco shells for our dinner that night and then thought, you know...that's not a bad idea. ;)


  1. I LOVE this! When I decorated cakes I tried airbrushing and just never could get the hang of it...but maybe I need to try it on cookies! These are beautiful. I'm obsessed with that gorgeous gold pattern.

  2. They are beautiful and you make it seem doable..I think the trick would be to master your base coat royal icing first..which could take me years..leading into my 70's:)
    I bought the Wilton 101 yesterday:) to try of course the roses..
    Thank you for everything you share.
    I too love that gold pattern.

  3. I actually HAVE that same airbrush system (for months), but have not used it yet! Between you and Lisa (The Bearfoot Baker) I think I am sufficiently inspired and ready to try. If I remember, I think I had a problem putting it together correctly?!? Your cookies are so pretty; I also need the Stencil Genie!

  4. Wow the colors on them look amasing.

  5. Thank you for posting this easy do floral cookie recipe, i did it a couple of days ago and they are so delicious and fascinating..



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