Spooky Swirled Meringues

spooky swirled meringues
A. Why don't I make meringue cookies all the time?
B. Same question.

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Spooky and sweet. I am obsessed with these swirled meringues...and they are SO easy to make!
(I almost had Spike pose with one since they match his black and white, but I thought it might be a little much.)

spooky swirled meringues

These Halloween meringues are crispy on the outside and slightly chewy on the inside, flavored with almond, and oh-so-sweet.

Don't they look like something that would be sold in the Nightmare Before Christmas Bake Shoppe?

You might have come across meringue recipes that call for superfine sugar. Don't go out and buy a bag of it. I use my regular Imperial Extra Fine Granulated Sugar and a little secret that you'll see in the recipe.

spooky swirled meringues
Here's all of the equipment you'll need:
spooky swirled meringues
Once the meringue is made, simply paint the food coloring in 3 stripes up the piping bag. Fill it with the meringue and you're good to go. 

spooky swirled meringues
The meringues look super shiny before they're baked. They do dry in the oven and lose some of their intense shine, but still have a pretty sheen. 

spooky swirled meringues
Can you just imagine switching out the food coloring for different seasons...or sports?  I see lots of meringues in my future. 

Want the recipe? I'm sharing it over at Imperial Sugar today.
Make sure to hop over to get it! 
spooky swirled meringues
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spooky swirled meringues ... striped meringue cookies for Halloween!
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