Gingersnap Bark

gingersnap bark: a twist on the traditional chocolate bark
You know how you'll try a new recipe over the holidays and think, "that was nice," and then never make it again? This is NOT one of those recipes. I can guarantee you that this gingersnap bark will be in our family's Christmas treat sweets rotation for years to come.

gingersnap bark: a delicious twist on the traditional chocolate bark
*recipe sponsored by and created for Imperial Sugar. 

This is a twist on the traditional chocolate bark. First, you'll use two types of chocolate. There's more...
gingersnap bark crispies photo gingersnap bark krispies 1 of 1.jpg
gingersnap bark side photo gingersnap bark 700 13 of 16.jpg
The bottom layer is not just chocolate. It's bittersweet chocolate that is chock full of goodies. One: brown sugar-toasted crisp rice cereal. Two: gingersnap cookie chunks.

gingersnap bark: a twist on the traditional chocolate bark
The top layer is white chocolate, with whole gingersnaps pressed right into the top.

gingersnap bark: a twist on the traditional chocolate bark
Oh yeah, there's a bittersweet chocolate drizzle. I love drizzle.

Recipe? You bet! Hop on over to Imperial Sugar; I'm sharing it there.

I think this gingersnap bark will start making an appearance as one of your yearly holiday treats, too!


  1. wow. I'm really looking forward to trying this out!

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