Beribboned Easter Egg Cookies

Easter just simply can't happen without ribbons. Ribbons on Easter baskets, ribbons on dresses, ribbons on hats, ribbons in little girls' hair...ribbons on cookies.

how to make beribboned easter egg decorated cookies
I'm so, so, SO excited to show you this cookie tutorial. It's actually over on the Imperial Sugar blog, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek of a few of the cookies.

how to make beribboned easter egg decorated cookies
RicRac! I love ricrac....or rick rack....or ric rac. However you spell it, I love it.

how to make beribboned easter egg decorated cookies
And OH! I love these, too. Satin ribbon is so pretty...and the grosgrain *sigh*...I love grosgrain.

Beribboned Easter Egg Cookies. Don't let your Easter happen without them.

Hop on over to Sweetalk, the Imperial Sugar blog, for the full tutorial.



  1. What a great idea..a dressed-up for Easter cookie!

  2. You do such beautiful work! Thank you for sharing your recipes and techniques.

    I am about to attempt a rainbow cookie with clouds, and I wondering about how best to keep my rainbow stripes separate... Should I just use a thicker Royal icing and let dry between stripes? Or do I need to outline and flood each stripe?

    Any tips you can give will be most appreciated, I have been a cake baker amd decorator for ages but I don't have much experience with cookies. Thanks!

    1. Hi there! I would either outline each color separately, or use the piping consistency icing. You could do a pretty ruffle with that icing in each color, or even a brush embroidery technique. (search in the sidebar for a how-to)


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