Monday, June 27, 2016

Cookies and Cream Cake

Jack started off his summer at camp with our parish youth group. This was his first time on an airplane without one of us and the longest I'd ever gone without seeing him. Jack was more than ready to was his mother who'd been dragging her feet about letting him fly off to this camp for years now.
Jack's mother needs help.

cookies and cream cake
*This post is sponsored by Imperial Sugar.

Guess what? He had a FANTASTIC time. And I'm pretty sure he wasn't counting down the days until his return like someone else I know.

cookies and cream cake
Mr. E and I managed to survive! Empty nesters...for a week. Good practice for next year when Jack will be heading off to college.
*Let's not talk about that right now. Please pass the tissues.*

cookies and cream cake
I wanted to welcome Jack home with something a little special. A cake! There's really nothing more special than a layer cake, right?

cookies and cream cake
cookies cream cake batter photo cookies and cream cake 1 of 12.jpg
This one is a cookies and cream layer cake with Oreos in both the cake...

cookies and cream cake
...and the frosting.

cookies and cream cake
(Even pressed into the sides of the frosting.)

It's a beauty. The cake is light and moist with a fine crumb. The frosting is creamy and luscious. *sigh*

cookies and cream cake
Cookies and Cream Layer Cake. You're going to love it.

Don't wait until your kids comes back from camp to make it. Maybe make it while they're at camp and eat it all yourself. ;) Hey...why didn't I think of that?

I'm sharing my recipe over at Imperial Sugar
Go grab the recipe!

cookies and cream cake with Oreos in the cake and frosting!


  1. This cake is absolute perfection!!!

  2. Keeper I am absolutely certain..Bridget..believe it or fall into empty nesting..and all works out.

  3. Oh man, my son is only 10 months old, I can't even imagine him going somewhere by himself yet. I feel for you mama.
    However, this cake... this cake might be the cake of my dreams. I love oreos and I just told the hubby that I need to figure out a time to make this cake, because we need it. :P

  4. Loved this post. I am glad Jack had fun! I bet he was happy to see you and the cake when he returned.

  5. Looks amazing! Irresistible cake!

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