Thursday, June 2, 2016

Ice Cream Pop Cookies

Ever since Jack started high school, I stopped with the end-of-year gifts for individual teachers. Gosh, typing that just made me feel like a terrible person. Hear me out...

ice cream pops decorated cookies tutorial |

What I've started doing instead is making a big tray of goodies for the entire faculty and staff to have during finals week.
Listen, I'm sure those teachers can use a sugar buzz to make it through until summer just as much as the kids. Maybe more so. 

ice cream pops decorated cookies tutorial |

[note: BIG NOTE...Jack goes to a small school. If my mom had made year-end treats for the faculty/staff at the high school I went to, she would have needed to start baking in September.]

I've done trays of brownies and cookies. I've sent up big batches of the New York Times chocolate chip cookies. This year, I wanted something that screamed, "SUMMER!" Maybe because it won't. stop. raining. around here and I needed a little visual sunshine.

ice cream pops decorated cookies tutorial

I made these ice cream pop cookies. I have this little board on Pinterest called "this would make a totally cute cookie." It's where I save things that would, well, make a totally cute cookie. You can see the inspiration for these there.

ice cream pops decorated cookies tutorial

Originally, I started doing surgery on a rectangle-shaped cookie to get this shape. Then I realized that I had exactly the shape I was cutting tombstone cookie! Who knew tombstones could be so cute?!?

To make ice cream pop cookies, you'll need:

When rolling out the cookie dough, roll to about 3/8" thick. Space on cookie sheet so that a popsicle stick will fit between cookies. 

ice cream pops decorated cookies tutorial

Bake according to recipe. Immediately upon removing from oven, insert popsicle stick into each cookie. Let the cookies rest on the cookie sheet, then remove to a wire cooling rack to cool completely.

Meanwhile, make the icing, divide and tint. Thin the peach, pink and white icings with water, a bit at a time, stirring gently. Thin until a knife drown through the middle of the icing disappears in a count of 12-15 seconds.

Cover the thinned icings with a damp dish towel until ready to use. Pour the icings into squeeze bottles.

ice cream pops decorated cookies tutorial

Outline and fill each section of the ice cream pop, starting with the top and bottoms sections. Use a toothpick to nudge icing into spaces and pop any large air bubbles.

Let these dry at least one hour before filling the center.

ice cream pops decorated cookies tutorial |

For the "fudge"-covered pops, let the base color dry for an hour or more. (I let these sit in the dehydrator for about 2 hours.) Thin the brown icing in the same manner and apply over the base coat. Use a toothpick to nudge icing into spaces and pop any large air bubbles. Sprinkle nonpareils on top.

Let the cookies dry completely, uncovered, for 6-8 hours or overnight.

ice cream pop decorated cookies tutorial from

Doesn't this make you want to put all of your cookies on a popsicle stick? ;)



  1. These are so adorable and not so complex that I couldn't handle decorating them! I love it! This is going on my project list of cookies to make with the grandkids! Thank you!

  2. You make me want to be a your son's school!

  3. These are beyond adorable! Love them!

  4. Ice Cream Pop Cookies are really tasty. My aunt surprised me by make Chocolate Ice Cream last night. But they are not perfect taste as my aunt thinks. So, I am searching and found your post. I'll tell her to use your recipe. Anyway, she use machine to make Ice Cream Pop Cookies . Thank you for your receipe. I'll know how's mom's new Chocolate Ice Cream Pop Cookies.

  5. This is such a gorgeous idea Bridget! Thank you for sharing. We are just heading into spring here in NZ, so am all about the ice creams right now! I've included your ice cream pop cookies + link in my round-up of 5 must-haves for an ice cream party - I hope you don't mind me including you. x

  6. I love it! I will do this my friends! Ice Cream are delicious. Thank you!.

    - gustavo woltmann


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