Malted Milk Ball Cookies

malted milk ball cookies ... with chopped Whoppers and milk chocolate chips. Totally addicting!
These may not be the most glamorous cookies - no sprinkles, no frosting - but I promise that once you eat one, you'll come back for more...and more...and more...

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malted milk ball cookies ... chopped Whoppers and milk chocolate chips in the batter!
The Malted Milk Ball Cookies are a twist on the classic chocolate chip. The chopped malt balls throughout add chewiness and crunch. Not only are there malt balls in the batter, there are creamy, milk chocolate chips as well.

malted milk ball cookies
Combine those two with a malty, brown-sugar-y, buttery dough with just the right note of salty and you have yourself a winner.

malted milk ball cookies ... with chopped Whoppers and milk chocolate chips. Totally addicting!
I dare you to eat just one.
Actually no, I want you to eat two. Maybe three.

I'm sharing this recipe over at Imperial Sugar today. Go there for the recipe!


  1. I need some malted balls..I keep saying that..they are plentiful in the US..I will keep an eagle eye..
    Love that sugar company:)

  2. Oh man, these really remind me of childhood!
    They look so good! :D
    I'm going to try to make them really soon!

  3. Ok. I ended up making 2 batches in 2 days. And now whenever I see Whoppers, I buy them. There are now 2 giant boxes and 3 movie theater boxes of whoppers. My husband simply won't let me make them again already, but I would if I could. These were AMAZING!

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  5. wow, this cake is delicious, thank you for sharing the way.

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