The Latest Pioneer Woman Food & Friends Post: Instant Yeast + Jalapeno Cheese Bread

My love for bread knows no bounds. That's why I was thrilled to discover how EASY Instant Yeast makes bread baking. I'm talking all about it over on PW Food & Friends.

Instant Yeast 101 + Jalapeno Cheese Bread
Please don't miss the recipe for Jalapeno Cheese Bread. Use it to make the best BLT of your life. And best turkey sandwich. Toast it and spread with jalapeno cream cheese. Ohmygosh...I need to make another loaf!

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  1. Amazing how much yeast is actualy IN those bags..I keep mine in the fridge do you?
    I must admit I never noticed it said instant..I'll have to check..The bread looks gorgeous.

  2. I can already tell that I am going to have to make this bread immediately. Otherwise I'll just sit and obsess over it for all the days...

  3. En casa nos encanta el queso, probaremos esta receta se ve deliciosa, gracias por compartir!!!
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  4. Such a classic wonderful and versatile tart. I will make it soon.
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  5. Just with the simple way I could have had a great meal to eat. Thank you for sharing the way.


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