Homemade KitKat® Bites

When I set out to attempt a homemade version of KitKat® bars, I had no idea that it would be one of the most difficult recipes I've ever tried to create. (It was a tough job taste-testing all of that chocolate.)
homemade kitkat bites

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There are lots of copycat versions floating around out there. It was the wafer part that was giving me issues. Some recipes use crackers...and I tried my own versions...with two different crackers, only to be disappointed. Crackers and chocolate are good, but they're no KitKats.

I've dipped those filled wafer cookies in chocolate before, good, but again, not KitKats.

I found wafer sheets on Amazon. I'm sure they would have worked really well, but they're expensive and available almost exclusively online.

Then, I stumbled upon the wafer-y goodness of the cake ice cream cone. Ding, ding, ding!!! 
The perfect wafer consistency!

I tried a few versions with the cones, finally settling on this one made in a mini muffin tin. Do they look like a KitKat® bar? No. But, they are the closest rendition of one I've tasted. And I've been doing lots and lots and lots of tasting.

Instead of crushing the ice cream cones, you'll actually chop off the bottom. (This is easiest to do if you break off the hollow part with your hands, then trim the flat part of the cone.)

The grid of the cone bottom is then filled with chocolate cream and placed in a chocolate coated muffin tin.

The whole thing gets topped off with even more chocolate.

Homemade KitKat® bites! I'm sharing the recipe over on Imperial Sugar today!

*KitKat® is a registered trademark of Nestle and a product of The Hershey Company.

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