Subtle-Hints-for-College-Students Cookies

college advice decorated cookies |

College care packages have begun! They're not just heading out to Jack, but to a few other college freshman we know. I remember how exciting it was to get mail and packages way, way, waaaaaaay back in my college days. I vividly recall treasuring letters from my younger cousin, Meg. They always made me feel connected to home and the "real world."

college advice decorated cookies |

Parents of college students, back me up here. We really try not to nag our kids once they're off the college. (Really, Jack. I'm trying.) Not to call and text to ask if they've remembered to wash their sheets, or to remind them of all of our good advice, like sitting up front in class.
No one said that cookies can't do the job.

sugarbelle's cookie stick cookie cutter

As soon as I got Sweet Sugarbelle's cookie stick cutter a few months ago, I knew exactly what I would make with them. I love, love, love that with this cutter, you get FOUR cut cookies at once. what a time saver! So much easier than cutting thin rectangles with a bench scraper!

college advice decorated cookies, perfect for care packages! |

For the cookies, I used this cookie recipe (cut to 3/8" thick) and this recipe for royal icing.

The cookies were iced and flooded in white. Once the icing set up for about an hour, I started with the wording.

icing for decorated cookies |

I hope you have a lot of #1 tips on hand. You'll need them. No need to use a coupler won't be switching out the tips.

college advice decorated cookies |

A tip for piping the letters: write out what you're going to pipe on a piece of paper. Count the number of letters INCLUDING SPACES. Find the middle and start there. I found tall, skinny letters looked best on the sticks...I tried several variations.

college advice decorated cookies, perfect addition to a care package! |

College Cookie Sticks...a (not so) subtle way to give your student a little hint. 



  1. I love this idea and all the hints on each one. Washing sheets! yes! ha. Sit up front! ha. Yes! I am glad you treasured my letters---you made me smile by the mention.

  2. Awesome!I am sure J is doing all of the above!

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