10 Years of Blogging : 10 Favorite Decorated Cookies

Ten! (10!!!!!!!!) This Sunday marks 10 years of Bake at 350.
How in the world did this happen?

Once upon a time, my sister and I had a little (private) blog where we shared complete randomness, recipes, and horrible photos. (My photos were horrible...hello, flash!...hers were actually good.) After almost a year, I decided that maybe I'd try a new blog where I could share with relatives who were interested how I was decorating cookies.

Never in a million years did I think that anyone else would read it. From this little post (with one photo...ONE!), Bake at 350 was born. Fun fact: Mr. E came up with the name "Bake at 350." I think I was zeroing in on "Bridget's Cookie Blog." Thank goodness for Mr. E.

Today, to celebrate 10 years, I thought I'd share my 10 favorite decorated cookies. (This was tough, as I still have many more favorites.) Here they are, in no particular order.
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1. Double-Decker Stripey Hearts

Double-Decker Stripey Hearts decorated cookies | bakeat350.net

So simple, but I love them so. The stripes, the double-decker-ness, the black and white. These speak to me.

2. Painted Christmas Trees

painted christmas tree cookies, inspired by Sur la Table | bakeat350.net

Christmas cookies are always special, but I love these because at the time I used a couple of new techniques. They're also inspired by some Christmas dishes at Sur la Table that I drool over every year. Maybe someday I'll treat myself.

3. Take a Little Pizza My Heart Cookies

Take a Pizza my Heart Decorated Cookies | bakeat350.net

Oh gosh, I love everything about these. From the heart-shaped pepperoni, to the melty cheese, to the cheesy title. Love.

4. Leprechaun Cookies

lerprechaun cookies | bakeat350.net

OK...every time I see this guy, he makes me smile. That beard just kills me.

5. Paris-Themed Cookies

Paris-Themed Decorated Cookies | bakeat350.net

Black-outlined cookies are my favorite. And maybe I love these just a little because I was SO STRESSED about piping that Eiffel Tower and in the end, they actually worked out. *whew*

6. Pier Giorgio Frassati Cookies

Pier Giorgio Frassati Decorated Cookies | bakeat350.net

I'd made saint cookies before, but these are my favorite. Frassati is the patron of the high school Jack attended, and I made these for a teacher in-service lunch. I love his pipe, his smile, and that Pocky walking stick. (And there's that black outline again.)

7. Cherries

Cherries decorated cookies | bakeat350.net

Maybe it's because I used to work for Mary Engelbreit. Maybe it's because I love cherries, dots, yellow, and red. Whatever the reason, these little cherry cookies make me so happy.

8. Taco Belle Cookies

Taco BELLE decorated cookies | bakeat350.net

I mean, what's not to love?!? ♥

9. Fried Chicken Cookies

Fried Chicken Decorated Cookies | bakeat350.net

Continuing on with the food motif (have you noticed that a lot of my favorite cookies are food-themed?), I present the fried chicken cookie. Again, the black outline. Again, the cookie design is so simple. I remember bringing that bucket of chicken cookies to our neighbors and whispering a little prayer as I walked over, "God, please don't let them think I'm crazy." 

10. Happy, Happy, Happy Cookies

Happy, happy, happy cookies with roses, dots, and scallops | bakeat350.net

Well, these just make me happy. ♥

Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading the blog. Really. THANK YOU. 
Here's to 10 more?!? 
{10 favorite RECIPES coming tomorrow!}

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