Gingerbread Lattes (Cookies) for all!

One more! Can you handle one more cookie idea before Christmas?

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I made more gingerbread cookies this week. I'm smitten with gingerbread cookies. As some wise soul said on my Instagram page, I love them a latte. I DO! I DO!

For the cookies, I used my tried-and-true, favorite gingerbread cookie recipe. They're decorated simply with royal icing.

I want to know what cookies you're making this Christmas (and what you're setting out for Santa)! 


  1. I haven't made Gingerbread cookies in a long time. I just might have to try your recipe - sounds delicious. Some family favorites I've made for this Christmas is - Honey Cookies (used like sugar cookies), Pecan Puffs, Walnut Crunch cookies, Chocolate Cream Cheese Muffins and our Christmas Stolle. Always enjoy your baking and the lovely decorating you do on them!

  2. I love these!
    I bake a little less because my girls bake Christmas eve..I am bring a cake.. a fancy I hope..candy cane themed..Christmas morning brunch is here..I made one of those Wilton cookie trees..w/ reindeer around the center..I'll have shrtbreads and magic bars and pecan sablés and sucre a la crème..

    I love all te lead up to Christmas and wished it lasted till mid Jan..our tree will stay up that's for sure..your gingerbread look perfect!!
    My friend made hearts w/ the scandinavian designs and hung 3 on one strand in her kitchen cute too Bridget..
    Thanks for all your inspiration all year long!

  3. This is awesome! And Fun As well :D I have never nade gingerbread yet, I am gonna try your recipe! It looks so yummy! My kids are going to love it so much! Thanks for the cute and tasty recipe dear!

  4. wow, very creative and unique, thank you for sharing how to do.

  5. Thanks for sharing this quality information with us. I really enjoyed reading.


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