Raspberry Meltaway Cookies

Raspberry Meltaway Cookies | bakeat350.net

You know those cookies that just seem to melt right on your tongue? Soft and light and ethereal? These are those. The color and the flavor comes from freeze-dried raspberries. That's right; there's not a drop of pink food coloring in these babies.

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freeze-dried raspberries

Freeze-dried raspberries are dry, completely dry. No chewiness, no added sugar. I fell in love with the strawberries and made these chocolate chip cookies with them a couple of weeks ago.

The cookies and the entire process were so pretty, I could not stop taking pictures. You'll start by making raspberry powder in your food processor.

freeze-dried raspberry powder for flavoring and coloring

That color!!!

Raspberry Meltaway Cookies | bakeat350.net

Then, make the cookie dough.

Press the cookies slightly with a juice glass and bake.

Raspberry Meltaway Cookies | bakeat350.net

Once cooled, the cookies get a lovely raspberry frosting. Aren't they so pretty?

Raspberry Meltaway Cookies | bakeat350.net

Raspberry Meltaway Cookies | bakeat350.net

If you like, add some crushed freeze-dried raspberries on top.

Raspberry Meltaway Cookies | bakeat350.net

If your Valentine isn't crazy for chocolate (I hear those people exist), these pretty pink cookies are just the ticket. ♥

I'm sharing my recipe for Raspberry Meltaway Cookies over at Imperial Sugar today! 



  1. I saw these on the Imperial Sugar page yesterday and couldn't wait to see your pictures. I am so excited to make this for Valentine's Day. Did you get the raspberries at TJ's too?

  2. These make me want to EAT. THEM. NOW. Thank goodness that's out of the way. I wanted to share with you that dried raspberry powder like this made the buttercream frosting on my b-day cake Amazing. Try it, you'll adore it.

  3. The cakes made from strawberries look delicious and very attractive. I would love to enjoy it


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