Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends Latest Post: Perfect Beer Bread

Perfect Beer Bread : basic and Gruyere and cheddar.

Comfort food at its best!!! I love beer bread. Love. LOVE. Am I being clear here? Beer bread is my spirit animal.

Perfect Beer Bread : basic and gruyere and cheddar.

Over on The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends, we're talking beer bread. What is it? How does it taste? Does the type of beer used matter? How can I jazz it up?

Perfect Beer Bread : basic and gruyere and cheddar. ♥ for The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends

Oh, and there's a recipe for basic beer bread as well as a recipe for Gruyere and Cheddar Beer Bread. (Is it time for lunch, yet?)

Seriously, though...go check it out. You could have a warm buttery loaf on your table for lunch - TODAY! It's that quick and easy. Go! 



  1. We've made beer bread for years and I must be "kin" to you because of the butter. My hand is heavier than yours here though. The last 20 to 30 minutes, we place a stick of butter on top and let it melt while cooking. It runs down the sides and makes that crusty taste, even better!

  2. This is great, That's a great website


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