Linzer Cookies

Linzer Cookies, made without a Linzer cutter

My friend Maureen had a little get-together at her home recently. Maureen is a great baker and, of course, had a dessert spread that was worth every single calorie I ingested. Among the treats was a platter of the sweetest Linzer cookies.

They were delicious! I said to Maureen, "These cookies are REALLY yummy!" She replied, "It's your recipe." Ha. 

sweet Linzer cookies

Two reactions:
  1. I was embarrassed because it sounded like I was trying to compliment myself.
  2. I was excited because I couldn't wait to make them!

For the cookies, it's the perfect every time cut-out cookie recipe. Roll it thinner than you would for a decorated cookie. I rolled these to 1/8-inch. The baking time is shortened...I found 7-8 minutes was enough for the thinner cookies.

Linzer Cookies, made without a Linzer cutter

Believe it or not, I don't own a Linzer cookie cutter, but you really don't need one. Look through your stash of cutters and find two you like together. I used my scalloped of my favorite cutters of all time...and a small heart.

Linzer Cookies, made without a Linzer cutter

Bake an even number of solid cookies and cookies with the cutout center. I found this recipe made about 24 Linzer cookies, but the yield will vary based on how thick the cookies are and the size of your cutters.

Linzer cookie tops

Once cooled, dust the top of the cookies with the cutout centers with sifted powdered sugar. I always keep some powdered sugar in one these shakers for dusting desserts and pancakes. It's so much more convenient than getting out the bag of sugar and my sifter. 

Bonne Maman for Linzer Cookies

Spread raspberry preserves onto the solid cookies. Leave a border to avoid the preserves oozing out of the sides. Oozing and cookies just don't go together. I'm partial to Bonne Maman preserves...they're delicious and are oh so cute with their gingham lids and cursive writing on the label. ♥ I think I might try these with the cherry preserves next. 

Linzer Cookies ♥

Sandwich the cookies together. Voila! Linzer Cookies! Wasn't that easy? And fun?

If you smudge the powdered sugar in sandwiching, you can re-sugar them. The preserves will end up absorbing the sugar so don't worry if it looks cloudy in the center at first. 

Linzer Cookies

What are you waiting for? Make them! 



  1. I LOVE linzer cookies! These are so pretty! My recipe is so delicate, it has cornstarch in the dough, and they are so fragile! I like the idea of using sugar cookie dough, rolled thinner.

  2. So funny!! Lol :)They are perfectly beautiful like everything you make..And Bonne Maman:)

  3. I love linzer cookies! They look so delicious and perfect for Purim!

  4. Going back to the frangipane theme... because the dough for Linzer torte traditionally contains ground nuts (usually hazelnuts, but apparently almonds or walnuts are used too), I reckon these would be pretty good with one third of the flour replaced with ground almonds. I will try it out and report back. I am visiting a friend next week, and Linzer cookies are her absolute favourite, so that will be the perfect opportunity to bake them (she used to buy a giant one from the bakery almost every weekday when we both worked in London and she was pregnant with her first child - he's now 26 and I reckon it's taken her most of those years to get rid of the kilos - maybe she should have Christened him Linzer instead of Jack).


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