Phyllo-ing like a million bucks

phyllo dough 101

So many plays on the word phyllo/ little time.

phyllo dough 101

Do you ever use phyllo (filo) dough? I have come to the conclusion that I don't use it often enough. It's GOOD STUFF and makes everything you bake with it so, so fancy!

EASY phyllo dough dessert cups

Whether you use the sheets or the're in for a treat!

spinach pie with phyllo...perfect meatless meal for Lent!

I'm sharing all about Phyllo, whoa-o-o-o, Phyllo (who even gets that reference?) over on The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends...including:

  • how to use it,
  • where to find it,
  • if you should make it at home, 
  • a simple, elegant dessert, 
  • and a recipe for spinach pie!!!

Come on over and let's talk phyllo!

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