Cactus Easter Egg Cookies

Cactus Easter Egg Cookies

While I made these to be Easter egg cookies, they don't scream EGG to me. I think they're perfectly cute for plain ol' (are there really plain ol' ?) cactus cookies. You guys...they're so easy and fun to make.

how to make Cactus Easter Egg Cookies

I did another "doctoring" of two cookie cutters just like with the unicorn egg cookies. This time I used an egg and Sweet Sugarbelle's cactus cutter...just the top bit of it. You could use any bit of a small flower cutter, or even the edge of a small scalloped oval or circle.

Press the shapes together and freeze for 10 minutes before baking. This will help the pieces to join while baking.

I used three different Americolor gel paste food colors to make these. Two were new to me: Watermelon and Terracotta. LOVE both of these colors! On the cacti, I think the flowers would have popped more had I used a red or even a lighter or brighter shade of pink. I do love that watermelon color though...and I hate watermelon. I would say if you love watermelon we can't be friends, but I'm married to a watermelon-lover, soooooo....I tolerate it. Don't tell me you like Tres Leches cake, though. That's where I draw my friendship line. BUT I DIGRESS.

ruffled cactus flower in royal icing

Those cactus flower rufflessssssssssssssss!!!!!!! In. Love.

white jimmies

The cactus thorns are just white jimmies. So cute! So easy!

Cactus Easter Egg Cookies

OK...let's make them. You'll need:

  • cut-out cookies in the shape as described above: I used this recipe, omitted the extracts and replaced them with 2 teaspoons vanilla bean paste
  • royal icing: divided and tinted with Americolor Leaf Green, Terracotta, and Watermelon
  • disposable icing bags
  • icing couplers
  • icing tips: #2, small petal such as a Wilton #101
  • squeeze bottles
  • toothpicks
  • white jimmies (oblong sprinkles)

Use #2 tips to outline the cactus and planter in green and terracotta. Reserve some of the terracotta icing before thinning.

Thin both the green and terracotta icing with water, a bit at a time, until a ribbon of icing dropped back into the bowl disappears in a count of 2-3 seconds. If too thin, add sifted powdered sugar.

Cover with a damp dish towel and let sit for several minutes. Stir gently and pour into squeeze bottles. 

Fill the top with green icing using a toothpick to guide to edges and pop large air bubbles, adding white sprinkles. Let the icing dry for 30 minutes or so. 

Fill in the terracotta color.

Use a small petal tip, such as a Wilton #101 to make the cactus flowers. Hold the widest part of the tip down while piping in an up and down motion. 

how to make Cactus Easter Egg Cookies

Using the piping consistency royal icing, add detail to the planter with terracotta icing. 

Let the cookies dry uncovered for 6-8 hours or overnight. 

Cactus Easter Egg Cookies

Unicorns, cacti...what else should we make into an Easter egg?

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