How to Set Up an Ice Cream Bar

How to Set Up an Ice Cream Bar
Whether you’re planning a fun dessert for the family or hosting a crowd, an ice cream bar promises to be the hit of the summer! Who can say no to an ice cream bar?

How to Set Up an Ice Cream Bar + garland from The Pioneer Woman
I love ice cream bars because they can be super low-key. All of the prep work is done in advance...all you do is set things out and be prepared for the smiles. :)

ice cream pre-scooped

amarena cherries

How to Set Up an Ice Cream Bar : for The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends
I'm talking all about it over on The Pioneer Woman Food & Friends. I have a few hints to make things easier...and a few topping ideas that are musts in my book.

Join me over at Ree's and let's have an ice cream party! 

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