Autumn-Inspired Floral Cookies and a Total Game-Changer

Autumn-Inspired Floral Cookies |
The inspiration for these cookies comes from two places...well, maybe technically three when you factor in the awesome cookie cutter shape.

First, I saw these cookies on Pinterest, and they took my breath away. I just this week, found her Instagram page, (Hi, Donna!)...but before that all I had was the photo. I sent it to Callye (Sweet Sugarbelle) who has a brain for cookie cutter shapes like I could only dream of. She almost immediately recognized the cookie cutter as a SemiSweet design. She was RIGHT.

Autumn-Inspired Floral Cookies |
Now, it was just to decide on the colors. Well, here comes the game-changing part. I had my colors analyzed. Y'ALL. I can't rave enough about this service. Maybe you're thinking that you had this done in the 80s (I did...I went with my mom), but this is different. This company, House of Colour, is out of England, but they have consultants across the US. I went to see the darling Laura of House of Colour Houston.

(I mean, how stylish and fabulous and gorgeous is she???)


Autumn-Inspired Floral Cookies | inspired by House of Colour
The process takes a couple of hours. Here's a mind-blowing fact that I learned. There is one neutral. IT'S NOT BLACK. Can you guess??? It's true RED! True red is the only color that isn't blue or yellow-based (although, there are certainly blue and yellow reds.) It makes sense!

Anyway, Laura first determined if I had cool or warm undertones. (WARM). From there, she identified what season I was. (AUTUMN.) Then, what colors in the autumn palette looked best on me and what type of autumn I am. (DEEP, BLUE AUTUMN.) This was shocking to me as I have green eyes and have generally stayed away from almost all blue my entire life, but a lot of what they call "wow colors" for me were blues (but there are LOTS of other colors in my "palette."). The process is so detailed that you come away with a little book that suggests what colors might be best around your face...down to what would be good for belts and bags.

I am now slowly purging my closet of black. I would say sadly purging, but as much as I thought I'd be sad to part with black...I'm more excited to replace it with my "better than black."

Autumn-Inspired Floral Cookies |
House of Colour also does a 90-second makeup and helps you to find the right lipstick shades in your season. I used to love a red lip but thought I was just too old to wear it anymore. Guess what? I just didn't have the right shade. I do now!!! YAY! Not only is this helpful for clothes and makeup, but if you color your hair *ahem*, it's so good to know if you should be using cool or warm tones.

How has it been a game-changer? Here's one example: you know how you go into Marshalls, and it takes FOREVER to look through allllllll of the clothes in your size? No more. I walk down the aisle with my eyes looking for "my" colors. I look at those clothes ONLY. Talk about a time-saver...and (as I keep telling my husband) a money saver!!! I have to was and is SO MUCH FUN.

I loved it so much that I gave Mr. E a consultation for his birthday last month. Even HE loved it...and you should see how he is rocking his new golf shirts and ties. My man is a stunner in magenta! Who knew???

Autumn-Inspired Floral Cookies | inspired by autumn color palette House of Colour

autumn icing colors House of Colour

All that to say...I used my color palette for inspiration for these cookies. Yes, when you get your analysis, you come away with a color wallet in your season. This is attached to my hip at all times.

To make these cookies, I used:
Autumn-Inspired Floral Cookies |
Have you ever had a color analysis done? Was it back in the day or more recently? Are you obsessed like I am??? If you're in the Houston area, go spend a few hours with my new bestie Laura!

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