Way Back Wednesday: January 15, 2020

This week's look back has us going alllllllll the way back to 2009! To be honest, 2009 seems like last week, but alas, it was eleven years ago. We'll also visit posts from this week in 2010, 2015, and 2017. Let's go! (As always, click the titles of the posts to see them.)

Let's start with the oldest, from 2009, Texas Valentine Cookies

You can tell it's from an old post because the photo is small and dark, but I still love these...and that scalloped heart cutter. There's a UT version as well.

From 2010, FAQs
Oh, this is a goodie. This post is filled with my answers to questions from blog readers. Yeah, some of the info is a little dated, but the cookie decorating Q & A's are timeless.

From 2015, You're Too Stinkin' Cute (skunk valentine cookies)

Who doesn't love a skunk-themed valentine? Tutorial in post.

And from 2017, Rosemary Focaccia
simple rosemary focaccia
Hello, comfort food!

What's on your baking agenda this week? Be sure to pop over to Instagram to see what's happening in my kitchen...and see the kitties.


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