Way Back Wednesday: January 22, 2020

Happy Wednesday! This week's look back into the blogging archives for this day is so, so good. I want to make each one of these again ASAP!

(Click the recipe title to go to the recipe/tutorial)

From 2012, Hazelnut Cappuccino Cupcakes
hazelnut cappuccino cupcakes with 7-minute frosting
My love of the hazelnut cappuccino was in full swing this year. (And now I think a Starbucks run is definitely in order.) These cupcakes are topped with the absolutely swoon-worthy, fluffy 7-Minute Frosting. Dreamy.

From 2018, Stranger Things Valentine Cookies
Stranger Things Valentine Decorated Cookies, decorating tutorial | bakeat350.net
If you're obsessed with the show Stanger Things, then I think you'll love these cookies (more than Eleven loves Eggos)! Details and tutorial...

From 2017, Dutch Baby (German Pancakes)
Dutch Baby (German pancake) recipe
Dutch Babies are one of my favorite things to make...I've been making them since we were first married. I played around with my recipe and came up with this glorious version. It makes for such a great presentation at breakfast but is the simplest thing ever to make!

And from 2011, Pecan Snowballs
pecan snowballs
These cookies really are perfection. This is my Aunt Janice's recipe...her recipes never fail! (Please don't hold the horrible photography against the cookies!)

Let's hear it! What are you making this week? 

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