Wednesday Replay: June 17, 2020

Oh. OH!!! Is this replay ever spectacular! Like, I want to remake allllllll of these in the next 10 minutes. OK...let's take our peek back into the archives. 

Butterscotch + Beer Bundt Cake | a great Father's Day dessert from
Oh my stars! This flavor combo can I insert a chef's kiss here?

Desserts for Dudes: blueberry cheesecake pie ::: bake at 350 blog
The photos leave something to be desired, but this pie is exquisite. Totally, 100% making this for Father's Day! (Don't tell Mr. E!)

Copycat Buc-ee's Beaver Nuggets
When you know, you know. (And, you should totally know.) It's a Texas thing, y'all. 

Savory Gouda Biscotti, perfect with a beer
This is a great Father's Day gift! They pair perfectly with a beer. You also might want to click the link for some classic throwback photos. 
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