Custom Spike the Cat Cookies

custom kitty cookie cutters

This post is not sponsored in any way, shape, or form, but when a cookie cutter company offered to send me a few of their cutters, including a custom cutter of SPIKE, it was too good not to share. 

custom kitty cookie cutter

The cutter is from Dolce3D, and they can whip up a custom cutter for you, too! Look at the detail on that! They captured Spike's asymmetrical mustache perfectly! 

spike the cat, most handsome mustache kitty

If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that Spike is my constant companion in the kitchen. We have another sweet kitty, Bluebell, who is less interested in the kitchen and will only come running if someone opens a package of Goldfish crackers. Spike, however, hangs out underfoot, especially when I'm baking, hoping for a cookie dough crumb to hit the floor. AND HE SCARFS THEM DOWN. This cat takes after his mama and likes all things sweet. 

I knew I needed to send a batch of Spike cookies to Jack in a care package. Of all of the cut-out cookies I've made over the years, Jack's favorites are gingerbread and chocolate hazelnut (Nutella) cut-outs. I added a tablespoon of black cocoa to boost the dark color. 

custom kitty cookie cutters

These chocolate hazelnut cookies really are lovely if you like a softer cut-out. The Nutella in the mix keeps them soft, and the flavor is incredible. 

custom kitty cookie cutter

While the cookies are dark brown, and Spike is black, I still love how they turned out. I wanted to keep them simple and not cover the cookie in black royal icing. 

customized cat cookie cutters

Spike was really not up for a photoshoot with the cookie...he wanted to taste it, but you can see the resemblance. 

I'm looking forward to playing more with the other cutters Dolce3D sent as well. I'll be sure to show you! 

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