Calico Corn Cookies

how to make calico corn cookies

Calico Corn Cookies...can we just agree that Calico Corn is the BEST corn? It's beautiful, and it doesn't get stuck in your teeth. I'm a fan. 

*this post is sponsored by my friends at Imperial Sugar

how to make calico corn cookies

Maybe you're looking for a sweet project for the kids or grandkids over Thanksgiving break. This is it! 

Stack on a serving tray, place in a basket, use as Thanksgiving place cards, or package in treat bags tied with raffia for a festive look! 

fall m&ms

These cookies are easy to decorate and especially delicious with the addition of chocolate candies. (That's M&Ms to you and me.) This is the most challenging part of the decorating...separating out the colors without eating them all. 

how to make calico corn cookies

I'm sharing the full tutorial, complete with links to recipes over on the Imperial Sugar blog, Sweetalk! Meet you there! 

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