Wednesday Replay: 10 Ideas for Valentine Decorated Cookies

Have your thoughts turned to all things hearts, cupids...and cookies? Mine, too! Yay, Valentine's Day Cookies! 

Here are some decorated Valentine cookies from the archives to give you some sweet inspiration. 

Oh, you might want to start with these recipes for Perfect Every Time Cut-Out Cookies or Chocolate Hazelnut Cut-Out Cookies - or any of these cut-out cookies from the recipe index. (I have a bunch of them to choose from!)

From 2015, Stone Cold Fox Cookies

heart-shaped fox face decorated cookies

Valentine's Day is a great day to include a clever card with your cookies. "You're a fox!" or "Foxy lady" come to mind for these heart-shaped fox cookies.

Also from 2015, You are Too Stinkin' Cute Skunk Cookies

heart-shaped skunk cookies

heart-shaped fox and skunk cookies

In the spirit of Pepe LePew, I bring you lovestruck skunk cookies. These little heart-shaped skunk decorated cookies are some of my favorites. And how cute do they look with the foxes?!?

From 2018, Stranger Things Valentine Cookies

how to make Stranger Things Valentine Cookies

Anyone else waiting impatiently for the next season to start? I need more Eleven and Eggos in my life right now.

From 2013, Downton Abbey Lacey Valentine Cookies

Downton Abbey decorated cookies

Lacey, Downton Abbey-inspired Valentine cookies

Another Valentine cookie set inspired by a TV show. (Should I spend more time reading?) Granted, the show ended a few years ago, but my love for Mr. Bates and Anna...and lacey decorated cookies...goes on.

From 2011, Olive You (Martini and Olive) Valentine Cookies

Olive you Valentine cookies

I just loved that heart-shaped pimento. I would pay big bucks for actual olives that looked like this. Hello, olive companies?!? Are you listening?

From 2016, Take a Little Pizza My Heart Valentine Cookies

Take a Little Pizza My Heart Valentine Cookies

Pizza + cookies is my kind of Valentine's Day. With the melty "cheese" and the heart-shaped sprinkles, these are really, really fun to make! 

From 2019, Deep Lilac + Rose Gold Heart Cookies

how to decorate cookies with rose gold

Speaking of fun to make, these rose gold-accented cookies are so satisfying to create, and shhh...really easy!

From 2018, Valentine Emoji Cookies

valentine emoji cookies

We use them every day (or is that just me???); they're even cuter as cookies!

From 2017, Black-Outlined Ombre Heart Cookies

how to make ombre heart cookies

Listen, it doesn't get any easier than this, but that black outline makes these cookies POP! The easy tutorial will have you running for the kitchen to make them!

From 2012, Double-Decker Stripey Valentine Cookies

cute heart and stripe cookies for Valentine's Day

No Valentine cookie round-up is complete without these double-decker heart cookies. One of the most popular cookie designs on the blog and one of my absolute favorites!

I'm excited to make another design or two this year! Yay, Valentine's Day!

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