How to Make Double-Decker Decorated Cookies

how to make double-decker decorated cookies

I love a double-decker cookie. Of course, I love that it's two cookies in one, but the presentation makes a real POP! While I have many tutorials for making specific double-decker cookies, I thought I'd share the general how-to today so you can make them with any cookie design.

What is a Double-Decker Cookie?

how to make double-decker cookies

I'm not sure where the idea came from, and most of my favorite cookie designs are hatched this way. Divine inspiration? Who knows, but usually, when an idea pops into my brain, rather than using something else for inspiration, I really love the results. 

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Double-decker cookies are a decorated cookie with a smaller decorated cookie on top. Simple as that. 

Some of my favorite double-deckers from the past include...

double-decker striped valentine cookies

Stripey Valentine Cookies (the first ones I made back in 2012), 

double-decker bunnies on egg cookies

Double-Decker Bunnies on Speckled Eggs

patriotic double-decker cake cookies

Patriotic Cakes

double-decker decorated wedding cookies

Double-Decker Wedding Cookies that were in my book, Decorating Cookies Party. (Now out of print, but sometimes still available on Amazon.)

Double-decker Texas Bomb Pop Cookies

and Texas Bomb Pop Cookies.

How to Make Double-Decker Cookies

They all start with a great cut-out cookie recipe. Any of the recipes in my cut-out cookie recipe index will work. You want a recipe that is sturdy enough to stand up to stacking, but most importantly, one that tastes amazing. 

Roll them out to 1/4" thickness. Any thicker than this, and they're just too much when stacked. That's coming from a self-proclaimed cookie monster. 

Decorate the cookies individually with royal icing, reserving some of the piping consistency icing. This can be left at room temperature or refrigerated. Let the icing dry completely before stacking. Royal icing should be left to dry uncovered for 6-8 hours. 

Once the icing is completely dry, I usually wait until the following day, take the reserved piping consistency icing out of the refrigerator to come to room temperature. 

how to make double-decker decorated cookies

Pipe a squiggle of icing onto the back of the smaller cookie, staying away from the edges. Place on top of the larger cookie. Let the icing set up for at least 30 minutes.

how to make double-decker decorated cookies

The cookies are now ready for stacking, packaging, or for a dessert platter. 

Remember to NEVER store cookies decorated with royal icing in the refrigerator. 

Are you ready to make double-decker cookies? I have a new set coming up this week, and it's a CUTE one! 

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