I messed up.

 Y'all. I messed up. It happens - a lot. 

royal icing toothpicks

If you receive blog updates via email, you might have gotten an email yesterday asking you to confirm your subscription. Even though the email looked funny, IT WAS LEGITIMATE. I know I would have been leery about clicking it, too...and many of you reported it as spam. 

Here's the deal: I'm switching services for sending out those blog feed emails. The other service was spotty sometimes, and this one looks like it has some more options for sending email subscribers exclusive content. 

messy kitchen counter, Royal icing and bowls

If you opted into the email yesterday, you'll probably see this email twice. I decided not to turn the old service off until this post went out. The new service will start exclusively tomorrow. 

I'm so sorry for the messy miscommunication. If you did delete or report yesterday's email as spam, will you please sign up again using the form in this post (or any post)? It looks like this:

Bake at 350 subscribe

Again, I apologize for the confusion! I promise you're not signing up for spam, and the dark web isn't infiltrating your inbox. :) 

Cookies heading to the blog tomorrow! 

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