Bake at 350's 2021 Christmas Gift Guide

I know, I KNOW! It's not even Thanksgiving, but the rumor around the eggnog cooler at the North Pole is that shipping is going to be a struggle this year. Let's talk about a few gifts that  might be  will definitely be a hit with the foodies on your list this year...

I'll break our gift guide down into 3 categories:

  • great gifts for foodies
  • cookbooks
  • last-minute Amazon favorites and stocking stuffers

Christmas Gifts for Foodies 2021

Bake at 350's 2021 Christmas Gift Guide

An apron that is functional and feels great!

I don't bake or cook or do dishes without an apron, so I have a lot of aprons that I love. This one is my FAVORITE, though. Big front pockets and wide straps that cross in the back...not around the neck! So comfortable. I have the golden yellow, and I think I might need the red, too. 

A striped bowl for the KitchenAid Mixer

Y'all. This bowl makes my heart go pitter-patter. It's not something everyone would treat themselves to, so it makes a great, and thoughtful, gift. From Crate and Barrel.

A container of vanilla bean paste larger than your head.

What baker wouldn't love a whole QUART of vanilla bean paste?!? I'm telling you...for the baker who has everything, this is the unexpected gift that will be used! 

A salt cellar

If your foodie loved one doesn't have a salt cellar, he or she is in for a treat! I was gifted one last year, and I don't know how I lived  - or cooked - without it. 

A pumpkin-shaped dutch oven

A TEAL pumpkin-shaped Dutch oven. Ok, you can buy your loved one any of the colors, but this teal one from The Pioneer Woman Collection has my heart. 

A cute tea towel

This can be the gift or wrap the gift...any food-lover will LOVE a cute new tea towel. I promise! Anthropologie makes this one

A striped rolling pin

Have you SEEN Target's holiday baking line? It's oh-so-cute! Get the baker in your life on of these striped rolling pins in red, green, or pink! 

A gift basket of Trader Joe's goodies

If you live near a Trader Joe's and have a foodie friend who doesn't, why not pack up a box of favorite goodies? Check Sweet on Trader Joe's for our favorite items! 

A delicious-smelling candle

Sometimes a baker isn't baking but still wants her house to smell like Mrs. Claus was there. This line of candles from Anthropologie is straight-up swoon-worthy. The scents smell like actual baking is happening - not artificial at all. 

Cookbooks for Christmas 2021

Christmas Gifts for Foodies 2021, cookbooks

Five Ingredient Dinners

This cookbook has gotten a workout in our kitchen in the last few months. Easy, inventive, creative recipes - all made with 5 ingredients. This is perfect for new and experienced cooks alike.

Big Boards for Families

Yes, charcuterie boards are all the rage, but how about a breakfast taco board, or a ramen board, or a waffle dessert board?!? Sandy Coughlin, queen of hostessing, just released this cookbook and a line of, you guessed it, big boards available from House of Hyacinth. Pair the book with a board for a fabulous and memorable gift! 

The Pioneer Woman Cooks, Super Easy

Just when you think Ree's cookbooks can't get any better...she comes out with another classic! Just published last month, I can already tell there are some new family favorites in here. The cookbook is in Ree's signature, approachable style with step-by-step photos.

Everyday Dinners

This is another cookbook I've loved cooking from this year. As usual, Jessica Merchant works her magic with flavors and cooking techniques that make meals easy and fun! Everyday Dinners has a substantial "meatless" section if you're looking to make more vegetarian meals.

Last-Minute Amazon Favorites and Stocking Stuffers 2021

Santa always seems to think that he doesn't have enough for the stockings or that he's forgotten someone, so he's very, very grateful for the team of elves who work at Amazon. Here are some last-minute goodies and fabulous stocking stuffers. I use or have used all of these! (I'll denote great stocking stuffers with SS.)

Bake at 350's Gift Guide for Christmas 2021, last-minute and stocking stuffers from Amazon

A pair of plush leopard slippers

These are so cozy, so soft, so FLUFFY! If it was socially acceptable, I'd wear them in public. (I'm having visions of George Costanza in velvet.) They DO come in other colors if leopard isn't your recipient's thing. 

A really great book

The High 5 Habit is a book I could not put down. Easy to read, utterly doable, so encouraging - an excellent gift for just about anyone on your list! 

The cutest travel fan

Travel? Yes, please? This fan is so, so adorable and puts out a good breeze while being relatively quiet. Perfect size for a stocking! SS

A jumbo package of jumbo smoothie straws

Have a smoothie lover on your list? These are a must! This would make a cute White Elephant gift, too! 

A packet of earring support patches

Don't laugh; this is totally stocking-worthy! I started using these several months ago, and they're now on auto-ship. My mom was right...I never should have slept in my earrings as a teenager. SS

A sunrise alarm clock

This little clock is so fun for kids or adults. Wake up to gradual light, a variety of sounds, or the radio. Snooze and sleep features with the ability to change brightness and the length of time light brightens the room before the alarm sounds. A great price for all that it does! 

A super-cute "wet bag"

What a strange product name but a super cute stocking stuffer that everyone can use. Stash a damp bathing suit, gym clothes, socks, a blown-out onesie (!)'s reusable and washable! And cute, did I mention cute?!? SS

A stash of microfiber scrubby dish cloths

Santa always seems to add some sort of "fun" cleaning gadget in our stockings every year. Guess what?!?! These actually work! I love them for stuck-on food. They're much easier to move around a pan than a scrub brush. SS

A satin-lined hat 

Grab one, or three, of these satin-lined hats for the curly girl or guy on your list. Our curls need that satin lining to stay popping fresh in the cold! No satin lining = frizz = an unhappy curlytop. 

Happy shopping! 

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