11 St. Patrick's Day Treats to Make in 2022

Are you ready to...IRISH?!? It's March, people. That can only mean one thing. It's time to get prepared for St. Patrick's Day. 

Now, I don't mean to be bossy, buuuuuuut you're required to make at least one of the following St. Patrick's Day treats

11 St. Patrick's Day Treats to Make in 2022

11 St. Patrick's Day Treats to Make this Year

Watercolor St. Patrick's Day Cookies
Watercolor St. Patrick's Day Cookies

Here's the cool thing about watercolor decorated cookies - you really don't have to bust out the piping bags and make two different icing consistencies here. Since the food coloring "watercolor" will be doing the heavy lifting of the design work, you don't need a precise and sharp cookie icing outline. Find all of the details for making them in this post

Favorite Irish Soda Bread

favorite irish soda bread

I have to break it to you...there is no St. Patrick's Day without Irish Soda Bread. Bonus points if you slather it with Irish butter. Heck, bonus points for slathering anything with Irish butter! 

Leprechaun Cookies

how to make leprechaun cookies

Made from an upside-down cupcake cookie cutter, these cookies are still some of my absolute favorites! How can you NOT love that beard? Full tutorial for making them in the post. The freckles kill me. 

OREO Shamrock Mc Flurry-Inspired Cookie Bars

OREO Shamrock Mc Flurry-Inspired Cookie Bars

With a hint of mint in both the cookie base and the frosting, these bars are buttery, strewn with OREO cookies, and perfect for St. Patrick's Day! 

Guinness-Vanilla Bean Frosted Mocha Brownies

I mean. Is there anything NOT to love here? These are fudgy, frosted, and fantastic! Make them!

claddagh decorated cookies

claddagh decorated cookies

If you're of Irish heritage, chances are, you've owned a Claddagh ring at some point. If you want to make a special treat for a friend this St. Patrick's Day, I guarantee these will be a treasure!

Irish Barmbrack

Barmbrack is a lightly sweet, spiced Irish bread studded with raisins and candied orange peel. The dried fruit is typically soaked in either tea or whiskey before adding to the dough. I chose whiskey, obviously. (NOTE: I don't love raisins or whisky, and I'm obsessed with this bread!)

irish potato cookies

These little no-bake cookies resemble potatoes, but no potatoes were harmed in their making. Such a fun treat for kids!

Irish potato cake

Continuing the potato motif, this update of a vintage recipe is moist with a spiced, nutty flavor.

cupcake recipe made with beer

With beer in the cupcake AND in the frosting, these are another reason to break out the Guinness! The flavor is excellent, and the way the frosting is applied is the bomb! 

how to make shamROCK cookies

An oldie but a goodie...you know I love a cookie pun! These are super cute and easy to decorate. You don't need a special shamrock guitar-shaped cookie cutter; I'll show you how! 

What are you making this St. Patrick's Day?

*updated for 2022 from this post.

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