Cozy Fall Sweaters and Lattes Cookie Set

Cozy Fall Sweaters and Lattes Cookie Set

Whether you make these cookies as a thank you like I did or make them just to celebrate fall, make them. 

Cozy Fall Sweaters and Lattes Cookie Set

These sweater cookies are just too, too cute and look so, so cozy. Also, they're about the easiest cookies to decorate! 

Decorating these late at night didn't lend itself to taking step-by-step photos, but I'll walk you through what you need to make them. 

How to Make a Cozy Fall Sweater and Latte Cookie Set 

Cozy Fall Sweaters and Lattes Cookie Set, royal icing

You'll need the following:

How to Make Cozy Fall Sweaters Cookies

For the sweater cookies, you'll only need one color of icing. Use any gel paste food coloring you like. I used a combination of Americolor Ivory and Blush for these because I had them on hand. If you want a beige sweater, you could just use the teeniest bit of brown food coloring. 

Outline the cookies using a #2 tip, reserving plenty of piping consistency icing for the details. You'll need quite a bit of it. 

Thin the rest of the icing with water, a bit at a time, stirring gently until a ribbon of icing dropped back onto itself and disappears in a count of "one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two, one-thousand-three." If you accidentally get it too thin, add more sifted powdered sugar. 

It's essential not to use icing that is thinned too much. It'll look great when you use it, but it will be a disaster as it dries. TRUST ME. 

Once the icing has set at least an hour, swap the icing tip to a 1.5 (or a 1). Pipe vertical rows of heart shapes down the sweaters and pipe lines between. Add squiggle lines for the cuffs, collar, and band. 

Let the cookies dry uncovered overnight or for 6-8 hours before stacking or packaging.

How to Make Cozy Fall Sweaters and Lattes Cookie Set

For the latte cookies, follow my latte cookie tutorial here.

Cozy Fall Sweaters and Lattes Cookie Set

For the pumpkin cookies, divide the pumpkins into four sections, similar to these pumpkin cookies. I filled sections not touching so they wouldn't run together, let the icing set up for about 30 minutes, then filled the remaining sections. 

After about an hour or so, I use a #1.5 tip to add lines down the center of the sections. The stem is just a squiggly line of the sweater's icing color. 

The orange color is orange food coloring mixed with a little of the icing for the sweater cookies stirred in so that the icing colors will complement each other and the orange isn't SO bright. 

Cozy Fall Cookies in bags tied with raffia

Packed in treat bags, these look really cute tied with raffia

I am READY for sweater weather...we're still not quite there in Texas. I guess I'll settle for sweater cookies for now. 

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