Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers for Bakers for Under $15 (delivered fast from Amazon!)

It's crunch time! If you have a baker in your life and need a last-minute present, stocking stuffer, or hostess gift, I've got you! 

These items are in stock at Amazon and ready to be delivered this week! All kitchen-tested and me

Last-Minute Amazon Stocking Stuffers for Bakers for Under $15

Inexpensive Amazon Stocking Stuffers for Bakers

1. Cookie Spatula 

Not every cookie baker has one, but every cookie baker NEEDS one. The thin, flexible blade slides right under cookies without disturbing their shape. I use my cookie spatula for EVERY batch of cookies I make. 

2. Bench Scraper

bench scraper with ruler from Amazon

As the name suggests, it's great for scraping a bench (countertop). Sticky bread dough, cookie dough, pie crusts. I love to use mine for cutting brownies. Oh, and dividing dough! A bench scraper is a kitchen workhorse! This particular one has a handy measuring guide printed on the front. 

3. Mesh Strainer Set

mesh strainer set from Amazon

For draining or sifting, having sieves in 3 sizes is super convenient. I love how they nest together and don't take up much space in my cabinet. I use the small one often for dusting cocoa on...everything. 

4. Silicone Pastry Brush

silicone pastry brush from Amazon

While I have a traditional pastry brush as well, this is the one I reach for instead. The silicone brush makes cleaning a breeze; it's heat resistant and has that OXO comfort grip. 

5. Microplane

microplane from Amazon

Yes, it's the perfect tool for grating orange peel, ginger, and nutmeg. Did you know that a microplane creates fluffy clouds of parmesan?!? And it's great for grating garlic?!? This is a tool that I didn't think I needed...until I bought one. Pair it with a jar of whole nutmeg and this recipe

6. Salad Hands

salad hands from Amazon

They ARE called "salad hands," but these ingenious tools are so handy for tossing...anything. Candied popcorn, trail mix, granola, pie filling. And yes, salad. 

7. Finishing Salt

fleur de sel from amazon

falksalt from amazon

From sprinkling on top of cookies and brownies to giving the perfect chef's kiss to avocado toast. I have both fleur de sel and Falksalt in my pantry and love them both. Such a treat for any cook! 

8. Heavy Duty Ice Cream Scoop

best ice cream scoop from amazon

I have many, many, many ice cream scoops in my kitchen. This one is the best by far. It's weighty with a comfortable grip and glides through ice cream making the prettiest scoops. It comes in an array of fun colors - I have the mint one. 

9. Mini Spatula

mini spatula from Amazon

What seems like an unnecessary tool will become indispensable to the baker portioning out brownies, blondies, cookie bars, and even lasagna. This mini spatula is always one I keep an eye on when I bring a batch of brownies to a party. I don't want it to go missing. ;) 

I own ALL of these and can personally vouch for how useful they'll be to any baker in your life. 

Bakers, feel free to share this post with Santa. 

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