Two Great Valentine Target Finds for Cookie Makers (and givers!)

target store exterior. source: reuters
*photo source: Reuters

Planning to make and give cookies for Valentine's Day? (Sorry, Christmas, but Valentine's Day is where the REAL cookie fun is.) 

I want to show you two fun finds from Target (this is not sponsored, BTW...just me wanting to share the goods. Does this make me an enabler?) that you might want to grab while you can! 


Here's the deal. You'll have to GO to Target to find these things. I cannot find the exact items online. They're both in "Bullseye's Playground" or what used to be called the Dollar Spot at the store entrance. 

1. Heart Cookie Cutter Set - $3.00

Two Great Valentine Target Finds for Cookie Makers (and givers!)

I know, I know. You probably have 37 heart cookie cutters already. I know I do. But some of these hearts are sizes I don't have...especially the larger ones. 

Target heart-shaped cookie cutter set

The 5-cutter set ranges from 4 to 6 inches! BIG heart cookies will be so fun...not to mention, the large cutters will be great for making heart-shaped sandwiches. 

2. Valentine Coffee Cups - $3.00

Target Valentine paper coffee cups with lids

I picked these up for Valentine cookie gifting. How CUTE will these be filled with mini heart cookies?!? Seriously cute. You could pile them in loose or tie the cookies up in a little treat bag. 

Target Valentine paper coffee cups with lids

A set of 10 paper coffee cups even come with lids. Love that! 

Two great Valentine Target Finds from the Dollar Spot/Bullseye's Playground

Just had to share! Don't even get me started on the Valentine pasta bowl, hand towels, pillows, etc.! Happy Valentine season! 

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